Every Star Wars Video Game Ranked

With so many stellar (and not-so-stellar) releases over the years, Star Wars games are almost a genre unto themselves.  From racers to role-playing games and more, this list of Star Wars games features all the biggest hits and misses over the years. If you've always dreamed of fighting against Star Wars enemies, you can with these games! Just refer to this list of all Star Wars games to get yourself started. 

What are the best Star Wars video games? Take a look at this list of star wars video games and you'll find your answer. This list encompasses every gaming system, style and derivative form of Star Wars games. While many take place in the same realm (or movie), every Star Wars game is different. This is one of the most extensive list of Star Wars video games on the web, so use it as a guide to finding out what is your favorite game. Everything is included here, from the newest Star Wars game to the oldest.

This list includes Star Wars games for PlayStation 3 (PS3 Star Wars games), PS1 Star Wars games, and just about every other gaming system you can think of (including Star Wars computer games). Vote up all your favorite releases, and vote down the games that missed the mark.

Photo: Star Wars Battlefront II / Dice
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