The Best Characters In The 'Super Mario' Universe

Here is a list of all Super Mario characters to have ever appeared in a Mario game to vote on. In fact, many of these characters from the Super Mario universe have also appear in other Nintendo games, such as Super Smash Brothers and Super Mario All-Stars. Some of these Mario characters have also appeared in non-gaming properties such as Super Mario TV shows. If you're looking at a comparison of Mario games, then you'll want to check out our list of the best Mario games ranked

This list of Mario characters includes Mario characters, princesses, and villains, with pictures where available. Aside from Mario and Luigi, there are many other main characters that fans love. Even the ever-silent Yoshi, one of the most popular Mario game characters, is included on this comprehensive list. From bad guys and original characters to new characters from the ever-expanding Super Mario world, this list has them all! 

Some of these Super Mario Bros. characters have been around for decades, other Mario character names you may not be familiar with, but we have them here looking good in their pictures. 

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