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Urinary System Diseases & Urinary Disorders

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Urinary system diseases, it turns out, are quite serious. I now feel bad for giggling at the words urinary disorders. What are the most common urinary infections? Diseases of the urinary system can include your diseases of your kidneys, bladder disorders, urinary tract infections and the most dreaded of all urinary diseases, the kidney stone. What diseases affect the urinary system? So next time you urinate pain free, be thankful you don't have to deal with these vicious urinary system diseases... yet.

By the way, that's not apple juice. Now that you know what diseases can affect your urinary system you may want to check out some other diseases of the digestive system. Chron's disease is particularly unpleasant and it affects hundreds of thousands of people. See Crohn's disease symptoms for more information about Chron's disease. What are urinary diseases/disorders? What are excretory system diseases? You could also look at the digestive system disorders for more information about ailments relating to the urinary system. Finally just out of curiosity you could check out the rare genetic disorders list.