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TikTok User Accidentally Wins A Little Caesars Sweepstakes And Receives A Life-Size Surprise

August 10, 2021 32.3k views13 items

TikTok is an app filled with hilarious videos, music, and a plethora of advertisements. Usually, one's instinct is to scroll past these ads that pop up on their For You page. But, one TikTok user @westheghost decided to interact with a Little Caesars advertisement. This began a wild and mysterious journey, and it ended in one of the most unlikely of friendships between a content creator and a pizza public relations manager.

  • It All Began When @WesTheGhost Uploaded A TikTok Showcasing That Little Caesars Only Follows Him

    On July 1st, 2021, @westheghost showcased to over two hundred thousand users that he is the only mututal friend of @littlecaesarspizza

  • This Sparked TikTok Users To Speculate Why This Was The Case

    Many users became immediately intrigued by this revelation, and they all wanted an explanation.

  • Wes Made A Follow Up Video To Explain The Origin Story Of Him And Little Caesars

    Nearly a month later, on July 27th, Wes uploaded an explainer video, going into detail about a contest he entered through a Little Caesars advertisment he saw on his For You page.

  • Wes Noted That He Sat There At 4:00am, And Took The Time To Make An Accurate Guess

    Wes noted that he completely forgot he even left his answer, until Little Caesars replied. They requested that he follow them so they can message him with further details.