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The Truth Behind Littlefinger's Secret Motivation 

Stephan Roget
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Even though he was introduced back in Season 1 of Game of Thrones and has received plenty of screentime since, fans are still wondering—what is Littlefinger’s motivation? Fan theories about Littlefinger abound, but it’s difficult to process, because so little is known about the inner workings of Petyr Baelish’s mind. One of the most exciting and intriguing theories making the rounds is fairly simple, but has explosive implications—Littlefinger is a Faceless Man.

Theories about Littlefinger and the House of Black and White have been around for a while, but recent contextual clues have given fans even more reason to believe in a direct connection. As always, there are more than a few branches of this line of thinking, and much is still up in the air. However, if true, these theories would finally help explain the secretive motivations behind all of Petyr Baelish’s Machiavellian machinations. Chaos may be a ladder, but where does that ladder lead? Perhaps the God of Death is the answer.

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Being A Faceless Man Could Explain How Littlefinger Seems To Know Everything
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It's downright creepy how much Littlefinger seems to know—about everything. In the books, his expertise is a clear combination of a spy network plus the power of money, but TV-only audiences wouldn't be surprised by a more magical explanation.

After all, Littlefinger does occasionally appear to be both omniscient and omnipresent. If he had a background similar to Arya's, training in face-changing assassination at the House of Black and White, it would certainly explain a lot about him. 

Littlefinger Definitely Knows About The Faceless Men
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Regarding Littlefinger’s connection to the Faceless Men, Reddit user nateness pointed out that Game of Thrones fans have conclusive evidence Petyr Baelish is at least familiar with the practices of the House of Black and White. Early in the series, King Robert Baratheon suggests employing the Faceless Men to take out Daenerys Targaryen.

Littlefinger advises against this, noting that the Faceless Men’s services were prohibitively expensive. Not only is he aware of their existence, he’s familiar enough to know their price structure.

Littlefinger Speaks Exactly Like A Faceless Man
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The most prominent member of the House of Black and White in the series is decidedly Jaqen H’ghar, Arya Stark’s mentor and the reason she found the House in the first place. Jaqen is known for spouting off vague and ambiguous bits of philosophy, but he’s not the only character in Game of Thrones to do so.

In addition to the infamous "chaos is a ladder" speech, Littlefinger is known for dropping quotes like,

“Fight every battle, everywhere, always, in your mind. Everyone is your enemy. Everyone is your friend. Every possible series of events is happening, all at once. Live that way and nothing will surprise you. Everything that happens will be something that you’ve seen before.”

If you think about it, that quote wouldn’t sound out of place coming out of Jaqen H’ghar's mouth.

The Assassination Of Joffrey Baratheon Hints At Littlefinger's Abilities
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Of all the schemes pulled off by Petyr Baelish in A Song of Ice and Fire, his participation in the conspiracy to murder King Joffrey Baratheon is among the most memorable. Littlefinger conspired with the Tyrells to poison Joffrey at his own wedding, and then he conspired behind their backs to spirit away Sansa in the ensuing chaos.

It is unclear who exactly came up with the idea of poisoning Joffrey with “the strangler,” but if it was Littlefinger, and not Olenna Tyrell, that would give further evidence to his background in assassination education.