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18 Magical Details From Live Action Disney Movies That Were Spotted By Fans

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Disney classics have firmly cemented themselves within the childhoods of many. But seeing those animated films come to life in live-action films and remakes has been nothing short of magical to everyone who watches them. A few passionate fans managed to spot some truly interesting details about all the live-action Disney movies so far.

Check out these fun details in live-action Disney movies spotted by fans, and don't forget to vote!

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    Other Princesses Can Be Seen During The Ball In 'Cinderella'

    From Redditor u/AmazingWaffleMonster:

    In Cinderella, some of the attendies seem to represent Disney princesses (Tiana, Belle, Aurora).

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    The Original Voice Actress Makes A Cameo In 'Mulan'

    From Redditor u/SadPotato8:

    In Disney’s new Mulan remake, the actress who announced Mulan to the emperor at the end is Ming-Na Wen (uncredited in this mvoie), the actress who voices Mulan in the 1998 animated version.

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    The Mad Hatter's Insanity In 'Alice In Wonderland' Is Historically Accurate

    Photo: Alice in Wonderland / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/Christiannadile:

    In Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter is mad because hat-makers worked with mercury. This metal can kill neurons giving you a chronic intoxication, which manifests with behavioral alterations, tremor and erethism. It can also make your healthy teeth fall out and vomit.

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    Maestro Cadenza Accurately Doesn't Have Teeth When Human In 'Beauty And The Beast'

    Photo: Beauty and the Beast / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/SligPants:

    At the end of Beauty and the Beast, Maestro Cadenza is missing teeth. Earlier in the film, as a harpsichord, he fires his "teeth" (keys) at the attacking townspeople to fend them off.

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