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15 Live Television Events That Had Us Glued To Our Screens

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Vote up the live television events that you dropped everything to watch.

Media coverage of events has definitely changed over time, transitioning from much-delayed reporting to instant access to real-time happenings. Regular programming is one thing (penciling in Must-See TV and getting out of bed for Saturday morning cartoons were priorities, to be clear), but live television is a different animal.

Live TV can hit the airwaves suddenly. Coverage of an earthquake or accident tears you away from what you were watching, essentially transporting you to an exciting or tragic event as it actually unfolds. Other live television programs are, more or less, scheduled. Weddings, funerals, and other major life events that involve well-known figures are often broadcast for the world to see. 

Several live television moments stand out, for one reason or another, because they brought the television world to a standstill. Some tragic, some triumphant - but all enthralling. Vote up the ones that had you glued to the television screen, unable to look away.