The Best Living Room Paint Colors To Reflect Your Mood, According To The Internet

When it comes to interior design, finding the perfect living room colors to reflect your mood can be a major pain if you don’t know where to look. Pinterest offers some fantastic ideas for popular paint brands and colors that will turn your space into something straight out of a catalog or a home decor Instagram. We all know the best living room paint colors are the ones that show off who you really are. There are a number of popular brands these days that produce high quality hues for when you just can't help but put your personality on display.


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    Oceanside Brings Out Tranquility


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    It's said that shades of turquoise, such as Sherwin William's gorgeous Oceanside, are some of the most calming colors you can paint a room. Not only is turquoise a cozy color to which most people are partial, but feng shui specialists believe that it helps ease tensions brought on by seasonal depression. Turquoise also helps with concentration, so if you work from home you might want to think about giving your living room a paint job.

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    Mindful Gray Is For Those Who Are Truly Laid Back


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    Are you the kind of person who's down for whatever? Can you host a game night just as easily as you can stay in and binge watch Netflix? If that sounds like you, Mindful Gray might give you a neutral space where you can chill without looking plain. If you pair this color with the right furniture, your laid back space can really pop.

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    Waterfall Reflects Serenity


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    If you're trying to create a tranquil atmosphere in your home, Waterfall Green by Benjamin Moore will certainly invite feelings of serenity. This color sets everyone at ease and makes them feel like they're in the middle of a calm ocean. If you have an especially rambunctious family, this color could go a long way in getting everyone to chill out and relax together.

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    Pale Powder Shows That You're Elegant And Traditional


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    Pale Powder by Farrow & Ball is an elegant and gentle choice for those who want to give their home a classic look. Whether you pair this color with a light or dark molding, you'll be confident hosting any kind of get-together.

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    Caliente Gives Off A High Energy


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    When you want to make everyone who's hanging out at your house feel like they're in the middle of their own private party, a deep red, crimson living room is the easiest way to do it. The color creates a buoyant but intimate mood that makes your guests feel like the fun is never going to end. Caliente can compliment classic and bohemian design schemes.

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    Poised Taupe Is Pure Sophistication


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    To make a memorable first impression, it's important to stand out. While many people believe that requires bright and garish colors, you can make a statement just as easily by giving your living room a deep and sophisticated coat of paint like Sherwin William's Poised Taupe. The hue adds depth to your color scheme, and with the right trim and furniture, can create a visually arresting home.

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