Inside The Tumultuous Romance Of Elizabeth Taylor And Richard Burton

Classic films, glamour, and lavish parties are all integral elements of Hollywood's Golden Age. Among the era's many stars, few embody this romantic mysticism as well as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Each was a powerhouse actor in their own right - Taylor was one of the world's biggest starlets, and Burton was a renowned Shakespearean actor. Over the course of their careers, they made nearly a dozen movies together. Off screen, their love affair became one of the greatest romances in Hollywood history, and it all began in 1962 on the set of Cleopatra.

The film cost about $40 million to make ($350 million when adjusted for inflation), and its release marked the beginning of the end for “Old Hollywood” filmmaking. However, Cleopatra became famous for another reason - introducing “Liz and Dick.” Word of their coupling spread around the globe like wildfire, and the media had a field day covering every last detail of their romance. The world’s fascination with their affair overtook their status as actors, ushered in a new era of celebrity, and shifted audiences' focus away from the screen and into the personal lives of movie stars.