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Do These Creepy Photos Prove That Lizard People Actually Exist?

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According to conspiracy theorists, real lizard people walk among us. What are lizard people, you ask? Well, lizard people (also referred to as reptilians) are hybrid, humanoid aliens that have the ability to shape-shift, and they are allegedly taking over prominent positions in our society.

David Icke has made the theorized existence of such creatures popular, but the idea may trace back to the "serpent men" who appeared in the work of Robert E. Howard in 1929. Icke has inspired people around the world to support his claims and has included notable political figures like Elizabeth II and George W. Bush in his reptilian takeover hypothesis.

But government figures aren't the only ones being called out, as the lizard people conspiracy might possibly include other celebrities too. This collection of lizard people photos contain many faces you'll recognize, but the decision of how human they really are is left up to you.

Read on to discover alleged pictures of possible lizard people, and vote up the photos you believe capture these fabled creatures.