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'Loading Artist' Makes Depressingly Relatable Webcomics

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Among the best webcomics are those that make you laugh and want to crawl under the covers crying at the same time. The Loading Artist comic from Gregor Czaykowski puts generally depressing themes like loneliness, heartbreak, and death into comical yet relatable situations, whether readers want to admit it or not. There's a fine line between bleak existence and a hilarious gag, and some of the best depressing comics are they ones that maintain a balance between the two.

Depressing yet funny webcomics seem to have become a genre of sorts, with other comics like Nick Seluk's Awkward Yeti and the Milennial musings of NHOJ also wallowing in anxieties and self-doubt. Czaykowski started Loading Artist in 2011, and some of his first comics were autobiographical, depicting his process of trying to start his site, as well as his own apparent struggles with loneliness and self-esteem. In addition to his website, you can check out Loading Artist on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But don't get too down on life while reading these, they're still some of the funniest webcomics you'll find.