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Logan Lucky movie quotes bring the laughs to the film about two families of hillbillies who try to rob a NASCAR track during a big race. The heist comedy was written by Rebecca Blunt and directed by Steven Soderbergh. Logan Lucky opened in theaters in the United States on August 18, 2017.

In Logan Lucky, Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) loses his construction job at the worst possible time, when he needs money to fight his ex-wife (Katie Holmes) from moving her and their children far away. So, along with his one-armed bartender brother, Clyde (Adam Driver) and their sister, Mellie (Riley Keough), Jimmy decides to steal money from the nearby Charlotte Motor Speedway. 

Jimmy has a plan--he knows how the speedway moves their money through pneumatic tubes--but they'll need some help to pull off the job. Jimmy and Clyde enlist the help of Joe Bang (a hilarious Daniel Craig), but they'll have to break Joe out of prison first. So along with Joe's brothers Sam (Brian Gleeson) and Fish (Jack Quaid), the two families embark on a complicated plan to steal the money. Given that none are the sharpest tools in the shed and FBI Agent Sarah Grayson (Hilary Swank) is hot on their trail, this becomes quite the comical heist.

Logan Lucky joined theaters in the summer of 2017 alongside other great movies like The Hitman's Bodyguard, Ingrid Goes West, The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature, and Kidnap.  

  • All the Twitters
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    All the Twitters

    Jimmy Logan: We need a computer wiz.
    Fish Bang: I know everything there is to know about computers, okay? All the Twitters. I know ‘em.

    When Jimmy mentions needing a computer wiz in these Logan Lucky movie quotes, Fish exclaims that he's the man for the job. It's hard to deny that when he presents knowing all the Twitters as his credentials.

  • We Are Dealing with Science Here
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    We Are Dealing with Science Here

    Joe Bang: Now, how many yards away is the vault?
    Jimmy Logan: 10 yards, I don’t know, I think 30.
    Joe Bang: Is it 20 or is it 30? We are dealing with science here! 

    When Joe, Jimmy and Clyde plan for the heist, Jimmy is tasked with knowing how many yards away the vault sits. So when Jimmy gives a vague answer in these Logan Lucky movie quotes, Joe objects.

  • No Peeking!
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    No Peeking!

    Joe Bang: Now I’m about to get naked, so no peeking... I said no peeking! 

    Joe needs to change his clothes while sitting in the back seat of a car being driven by Mellie Logan. He orders her not to peek in these Logan Lucky movie quotes but soon catches her doing that very thing.

  • Give Me My Arm, Please
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    Give Me My Arm, Please

    Clyde Logan: Would you give me my arm, please?
    Joe Bang: Is it this one?

    When Clyde loses his prosthetic arm in the back seat of a car, he asks Joe to kindly pass it back to him. Joe, thinking he's funny, asks Clyde if that arm is the right one.

  • I Know How They Move the Money
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    I Know How They Move the Money

    Jimmy Logan: Charlotte Motor Speedway. I know how they move the money.
    Clyde Logan: The only guy that knows anything about blowing up real bank vaults is Joe Bang.
    Joe Bang: I am in-car-cer-rat-ted.
    Jimmy Logan: Yeah, we got a plan to get you out.
    Joe Bang: You Logan’s must be as simple minded as people say.
    Jimmy and Clyde: People say that? 

    Knowing he needs money to fight his ex-wife as she plans to move his children far away, Jimmy comes up with a harebrained idea to steal money from Charlotte Motor Speedway. As mentioned in these Logan Lucky movie quotes, to be successful, they must bust Joe Bank out of the clink and convince him to help.

  • Let Go for Liability Reasons
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    Let Go for Liability Reasons

    Cal: Jimmy, I’m just going to say it. I gotta let you go.
    Clyde Logan: You were just fired.
    Jimmy Logan: I was let go for liability reasons involving insurance.

    When Jimmy arrives home from work in these Logan Lucky movie quotes, unfortunately, he brings bad news. As he explains to brother Clyde, he's been fired from his job.