19 Tumblr Posts About Katara And Aang's Children That Actually Make A Good Point

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The ATLA fandom has a lot of thoughts on The Legend of Korra, especially in regards to how the writers handled the stories of Aang, Katara, and their family. While not every fan is on board with how Kataang raised their kids, many fans are in agreement that Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin are interesting characters worthy of in-depth analysis and deep-dive posts on Tumblr. 

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    Bumi Really Did THAT

    From Tumblr user ihaveopinionsonalmosteverything

    I think Bumi in LoK doesn’t get enough credit, I mean he was the first kid Aang and Katara had, like from day one so much pressure was out on him, and then he turn out to be a non-bender, like can you imagine the kind of emotional strain that would be? But you know what he did? He said screw that and became a General! Like he lived up to his name and became a bada**. I just love that guy

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    Katara And Aang's Kids Are REALLY They're Kids

    From Tumblr user moghedien

    Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin really are just the perfect spread of all of Aang and Katara’s personality traits, but make all the traits 10x as strong:

    You have the shenanigan loving wild man who also just needs to save everyone

    Then there’s the hippie waterbender nomad who’s very in touch with her spiritual side

    And finally there’s the stick in the mud airbender who has to be the parent at all times

    Like I am in awe of how much they’re Aang and Katara’s kids

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    Seeing Kataang's Kids Fight Is Top Tier Content

    From Tumblr user rockets-and-raccoons

    The Kataang kids vs the Red Lotus fight scene just hits too hard. Tenzin has a whole nation resting on his shoulders, and he’s desperately attempting to protect these new, barely trained airbenders, his family, and Korra all at the same time. You’ve got Bumi and Kya helping him — and while Kya is clearly a bada**you can tell by watching her fight scenes that unlike her mum she’s much more of a healer than a fighter. She gives as good as she’s got, but she’s clearly not all that used to using her bending in a fight (although she is definitely skilled given how close she came to capturing Zaheer a few episodes prior). Bumi, while a retired military man is 1. Retired, and 2. A beginner airbender. The fact that he’s up against pros in their fields with zero weaponry and only beginner-level airbending moves, like holy cow.

    We’ve seen repeatedly throughout the series that all Bumi wants is to connect truly to his airbending heritage. And now that he’s getting that, Zaheer and the Red Lotus are trying to take that away; and he doesn’t yet have the skill or training to properly defend it — and both he and Kya are willing to die to protect the Air Nation, and I just feel so many emotions right now.

    I especially love the fact that the show consistently — yet often subtly — reminds you that Bumi is the big brother. Even in the face of death, with Kya telling him to just let go, he’s trying not just to protect his new people but his little sister. 

    And I love this family so much

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    Justice For Bumi

    From Tumblr user canyourscienceexplainthis

    It makes me real emo to think about how Bumi must have felt so sad and dejected when he realized he wasn’t a bender. Not that Aang or Katara would ever do anything to make him feel less than for being a non-bender cause they both knew Sokka, Suki, Mai, and Ty Lee (and also cause screw LOK implying they would treat their kids differently because of their bending abilities). But still, being the son of the avatar and the world's greatest waterbending master is some legacy to live up to. What makes me super not emo, though, is thinking about how Sokka would see Bumi was disappointed about not being a bender and tell him all about the amazing things he accomplished with only his space sword and trusty boomerang and teach him the basics of swordbending. I love the idea of Sokka also just casually mentioning after a sparring session that he’s the only family member who is part of a secret society of bada** fighters that transcends the four nations and helped end the 100 year war, and Bumi’s jaw drops to the floor. Suki would probably pull the same thing she did with Sokka where Bumi has to dress in Kyoshi uniform as she trains him, however, having learned from uncle Sokka’s stories he knew not to talk back. Azula could be like “ha you think you need bending to accomplish great feats? Let me tell you about the time I took down the world's last stronghold against the Fire Nation through nothing but subtle infiltration and manipulation....not that I was right in doing it...but still, I didn’t have to use my bending at all. Is this helping?” And Bumi would be like “yeah that was super not cool of you but it is kinda helping.”

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    The Kids Are Most Like Each Parent

    From Tumblr user queen-asami

    I feel like Kya is the most like Aang (spiritual and freedom-loving), Tenzin is the most like Katara (stubborn, loses temper quite easily, makes awful jokes), and Bumi is basically just 100% his uncle Sokka

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    Aang Was A Good Father Till The End

    From Tumblr user raavasgf

    Thinking how Aang in his final moments trying to comfort Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya, and saying not to be sad because he’ll see them in his next life.

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