12 Tumblr Posts And Details About Ming-Hua That We Hadn't Noticed Before

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Ming-Hua is arguably one of the coolest benders to ever be introduced to the ATLA universe. Though her time on The Legend of Korra was short, she joined the likes of Toph, Teo, and Combustion Man as characters with disabilities who were at the top of their respective fields. The only problem with her character was that she was the seventh character in the series to receive an on-screen death. Instead, fans would have enjoyed seeing her survive that final battle and live out her days as a vigilante of sorts. 

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    Ming-Hua Is A True Bending Master

    Ming-Hua deserves more credit as a bending master. Her style of bending is aggressive and she regularly utilizes highly debilitating techniques to incapacitate and severely injure her opponents. In addition, Ming-Hua is able to extend her arm tentacles to various lengths and even bend them into more precise shapes like hands, tools, and weapons. 

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    Ming-Hua's Voice Should Be Familiar To Fans

    Eagle-eared fans might have noticed that Ming-Hua's voice isn't new to the ATLA universe. Prior to lending her voice to The Legend of Korra, actress Grey DeLisle voiced Azula in Avatar: The Last Airbender

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    Ming-Hua Was Almost Designed As A Bloodbender

    In Ming-Hua's early days of design, the LOK creators almost chose to introduce her to the show as a bloodbender. However, because season 1 of The Legend of Korra already had Amon, the creators thought it would be best to deviate from including another bloodbending villain. While this resulted in Ming-Hua being the only Red Lotus bender not to use a specialized bending technique, Ming-Hua is able to pull her own weight in the group as a talented bender with serious skills. 

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    Ming-Hua Opened Her Mind To Possibilities

    From Tumblr user comradekatara

    as we see throughout the show, disabled benders are often more powerful due to having to find workarounds for their disability. one of my favorite themes in AT:LA is that limitations provide our capacity to exceed them. Ming-Hua found a way to waterbend without the use of her arms because she had to, and she became all the more powerful because of it. like Bumi (the world’s second best earthbender) says, “You have to open your mind to the possibilities.” 

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    Ming-Hua's Storyline Deserved Better

    From Tumblr user cuteniaarts

    Are Ming-Hua’s ethics morally questionable? Yes.

    Do I think she deserves to let her hair down and dance barefoot in a field under the moonlight? Also yes.

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    Ming-Hua Is The Smallest In Stature But Fiercest In Bending

    From Tumblr user azula-supremacyy:

    i am once again making a Ming-Hua post because red lotus brainrot hours are 24/7. Anyways. I just love how the most powerful and deadly Red Lotus member (which is already a very powerful group) is also the tiniest. Like, Ming-Hua is so short and small and petite but she can take out opponents in mere seconds and you can NOT look me in the eye and tell me that ISN'T peak character design.