12 Details And Tumblr Posts About P'Li That We Hadn't Noticed

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P'Li is one character The Legend of Korra fans wish they had seen more of beyond just her one measly season. She's an interesting character, and not just because she's one of two known combustionbenders in the ATLA universe. Between her friendships with the other Red Lotus members, her romance with Zaheer, and her jaw-dropping bending abilities, P'Li is always one character to watch no matter the scene. 

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    P'Li's Death Mimicked Combustion Man's

    P'Li was the sixth character to die on screen in The Legend of Korra, continuing the darker tone of the series when compared to ATLA. However, her death was awfully familiar to fans of both shows — and that's because she died similarly to Combustion Man. Both blew themselves up with their own combustion beam in the twelfth chapter of the third book while in the vicinity of an air temple. Coincidence? 

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    P'Li's Tattoo Is On Her Chakra Point

    From Tumblr user wwwinko

    I'm trying to get a sense of combustion bending and I think I finally understand now. Airbending tattoos follow the chi points right? Which is why they glow when an Airbender Avatar goes into the Avatar state. On Aang's forehead, the tattoo begins as an arrow. The same arrow that can be found on sky bison to symbolize that sky bison are the original airbenders.

    On both P'Li's and Sparky Sparky Boom Man's foreheads they have this eye tattoo, so it wouldn't be too far-fetched to say that their combustion tattoo is on their chakra point on their forehead. So in reality, both P'li and Sparky Sparky Boom Man are firebenders, but they focus their firebending energy into one focal point so that they can use combustion bending. Obviously, it's not a widespread form of bending, since we've only seen P'Li and Sparky Sparky Boom Man do it.

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    P'Li's Imprisonment Had Lasting Effects

    P'Li was imprisoned for 13 years, which is obviously a long time for anyone to be trapped in tight quarters. Tumblr user lilyliv3rs argued: 

    I think the RL members had serious physical/psychological issues directly stemming from their confinement: 

    P’li won’t sleep alone. Zaheer is always with her and she has three blankets so she’s entirely covered, and even the barest chill sets her to shivering. She sleeps with socks on despite thinking it’s a little gross so her toes don’t get cold. Ming-Hua gave her an iced drink and P’li almost flash boiled it. 

    Ghazan grabbed P’li’s wrist to get her attention and she almost broke his nose because she was so startled. Zaheer is more observant than most, but he once tangled her in their blankets and P’li almost burned down the tent because she thought she couldn’t move.

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    P'Li's Backstory Continues To Show The Problems In The Fire Nation

    From Tumblr user monk--gyatso

    Does anyone else ever think about P'li mentioning that Zaheer saved her from being a warlord's weapon? Because holy cow what is going on in the Fire Nation these days.

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    P'Li Is A Student Of The World

    While P'Li is a powerhouse of a firebender and combustionbender, she also became an overall better fighter after traveling the world with the Red Lotus. In fact, P'Li is known to have developed a vagabond form of combat that she picked up in her travels. She then adapted those techniques to her own style and abilities, making her even more lethal in any battle. 

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    P'Li Is A Trained Assasin

    Early on in her childhood, P'Li showed signs of being a combustionbender. Because combustionbending is more of a rare ability, P'Li caught the attention of a warlord, who kidnapped her and then trained her to be his own personal assassin. Eventually, she was freed by Zaheer. She then joined the Red Lotus. 

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