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15 Hot Takes From Around The Internet About 'The Legend Of Korra'

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Every Avatar fan has an opinion on The Legend of Korra. It's hard not to when so many fans hold the original series so close to their hearts. Because LoK is a very different show than its predecessor, fans have had very different reactions over the years, some of which they've posted across the internet in the form of hot takes, unpopular opinions, and unconventional analyses. 

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    General Iroh II Should Have Had More Of A Storyline

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    From Tumblr user blobfishmiffy

    So, I've recently rewatched LoK, and I have to say that I'm finding myself wishing that General Iroh II had been a bigger character. He's an absolute cutie and I really would've loved to see more of him and his personality and his relationships with different characters. How old is he exactly? Who's his dad? Has he got any siblings? How is his relationship with his mom, Izumi?? How is he in the company of the gang when it's in a casual setting? Where are the interactions with his gramps, the magnificent emo-lord Zuko?? Where are more interactions with Bolin, and Korra, and Asami, and Mako, and Lin, and just everyone???

    It's a crime the writers haven't made him a larger character (or I'm just extremely bitter).

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    Korra Missed One Crucial Opportunity

    From Tumblr user sensicalabsurdities

    Opinion, not sure about the popularity: Legend of Korra did NOT milk the humor of Korra technically being Tenzin's dad anywhere NEAR enough.

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    The Wan Episode Is Good

    From Tumblr user mossyskies

    Ik this is a pretty unpopular opinion, but I actually really liked the Wan episode of Korra. I liked that backstory.

    "But ATLA said they learned waterbending from the moon! And earthbending from the badgermoles! Etcetera etcetera!" Yea OK but if that was the case, anyone could learn any form of bending by watching nature. Makes no sense to have an Avatar or nonbenders if that was the case. It makes more sense that they got it from the lion turtles imo

    They probably mastered their bending techniques by watching the moon, and the badgermoles, and the sky bison, and the dragons. But the story of the first Avatar makes more sense than people understand.

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    'LoK' Needed More Fire Nation Scenes

    From Reddit user maybeitwill

    There wasn't enough Fire Nation. I wondered if we would even get a glimpse of it. I knew we'd hear the new Fire Lord speaking at some point but they barely even showed us the Fire Nation.


    From another Reddit user idunno421

    Absolutely true, I completely forgot about the Fire Nation! I remember in Book 3 wanting to know all about it, especially after seeing Zuko.