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15 Hot Takes From Around The Internet About 'The Legend Of Korra'

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Every Avatar fan has an opinion on The Legend of Korra. It's hard not to when so many fans hold the original series so close to their hearts. Because LoK is a very different show than its predecessor, fans have had very different reactions over the years, some of which they've posted across the internet in the form of hot takes, unpopular opinions, and unconventional analyses. 

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    The Wan Episode Is Good

    From Tumblr user mossyskies

    Ik this is a pretty unpopular opinion, but I actually really liked the Wan episode of Korra. I liked that backstory.

    "But ATLA said they learned waterbending from the moon! And earthbending from the badgermoles! Etcetera etcetera!" Yea OK but if that was the case, anyone could learn any form of bending by watching nature. Makes no sense to have an Avatar or nonbenders if that was the case. It makes more sense that they got it from the lion turtles imo

    They probably mastered their bending techniques by watching the moon, and the badgermoles, and the sky bison, and the dragons. But the story of the first Avatar makes more sense than people understand.

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    Aang Playing Favorites With His Kids Added Nuance To His Character

    From Tumblr user kor-ra

    Unpopular Opinion: I actually liked the fact that Aang may have “played favorites” with his kids and the dynamic that was brought upon with Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya. Let me just say I do not think Aang loved Tenzin more than his other kids at all, but rather Tenzin was the only other person whom he could wholeheartedly share his culture with. I feel like we don’t acknowledge the exact weight and devastating loss Aang has when his entire people were wiped out and would never return (Harmonic Convergence was a miracle in and of itself). That kind of loneliness/separation is almost impossible to imagine. How could you even process that loss? Aang couldn’t even have that privilege as he had to save the world. So, he had to carry that burden of his entire culture and he swore by that belief so much that he refused to betray it even when it meant killing Ozai in order to save the world. 

    The Air Nomads, unlike all of the other nations, have their culture so intertwined with airbending that it’s almost impossible to fully understand the importance of airbending to them. Now, Aang did make his own family with the Gaang and eventually with Katara, but they were their own people with cultures and lifestyles completely different from his own. And Aang loved them for that! But he also must still have felt the isolation of being the last true connection to his old life. So when Tenzin showed that he could airbend, Aang must have felt for the first time some of that great loneliness of carrying a culture could be shared and how exciting that must have been for him. His culture is so intertwined with who he is that he may have went overboard with sharing it, and in turn unintentionally leaving his two kids to feel isolated as a result. 

    For those who may have trouble grasping this idea, think of how Katara was whenever she got a chance to become connected with waterbending or Water Tribe culture. She wanted so desperately to connect and learn from other waterbenders as she felt that loneliness of being the last waterbender of her people. Now imagine that for Aang x100. Katara got the chance to rebuild the Southern Water Tribe and connect with other waterbenders, something Aang would never have been able to do. The Air Acolytes were his attempt to pass on his culture and teachings to others, but as I said, Air Nomads were so intertwined with airbending. Aang still had that loneliness inside of him until Tenzin.

    I also like this choice from a writing perspective, as it helped to give Aang some more nuance to his character as he grew older. Aang in the fandom is often depicted as this perfect, sweet, fun-loving kid who grows up to become the embodiment of a great Avatar. He always seemed to make the right choice when it came to helping the world. This legacy is passed onto Korra as she is always living in his shadow and constantly compared to Aang as the Avatar to live up to (an essay I will save for another time). Having this flawed aspect to his character shows that he didn’t always make the right choice as everyone, including his children, believed he did. While that may be hard for some people to grasp, but it shows another side to him that may have been overlooked.

    Now I want to end this saying that Aang loved his family and his children. Even after Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin got out all of their grievances, they still admit that they had a happy family and felt loved. Nearly, all families have complicated relationships when it comes to their kids. Aang did love all his children, but his eagerness to finally have this chance to pass on his culture to a fellow airbender, made Kya and Bumi feel overlooked by comparison.

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    Mako Didn't Deserve The Hate

    From Tumblr user coolstuffinmystash

    Mako gets so much unnecessary hate. He was not the brightest boyfriend to Korra and Asami, that much is true. But I don’t understand people feed the need that he should be hated forever for it. Even Korra and Asami had made peace with him. When Korra and Asami got together, he was accepting of it and is still great friends with them. He remained as a part of the team to help bring peace and fight off evil.

    I think it’s unfair people box him in as just that when he is capable of bravery and loyalty.

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    Asami, And By Default Korrasami, Fell Flat

    From Reddit user bromerk

    I never liked Korrasami. It's probably got something to do with the fact that I think Asami was pretty flat and had very little character development. And I've said this before that I HATED the last few minutes. Korra didn't even talk to Bolin during the wedding scene. I wish there had been a greater focus on the friendship between all of them. You could have Korrasami in there, whatever. But at the end of ATLA, Katara and Aang had their moment alone on the balcony, but everyone else was just a few feet away in the tea shop.

    On that note, I think all of the Korra Krew, with the exception of Korra, had way less character development than they should have. You could see glimpses of it, but it never really happened the way it should have.