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'Loki' Rolled Out So Many Easter Eggs in Episode 5, They Must Now Be Ranked

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Spoiler Warning: Significant plot points from Loki, episode 5, ahead.

None of the Marvel shows hitting Disney+ skimp with the Easter Eggs - but Loki has become a bonanza of egg obscura, much of which goes right over the head of most mortal viewers but tickles the soul of the superfan. 

Loki Episode 5 may very well have topped itself by throwing in so many subtle (and sometimes bizarre), blink-and-you'll-miss-'em moments, that it's time to put them all in order. 

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    A Helicarrier in the Distance

    Apparently, even the Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. cannot escape the pruning ways of the universe, as quick-eyed fans noticed a helicarrier downed in the darkened distance - barely visible but clearly wedged into the landscape and seemingly inoperable. 

    Does pretty much everything end up here eventually. Seems that way.

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    'Journey Into Mystery'

    There are so many Easter eggs in this episode, that even the name of the episode itself, "Journey Into Mystery," is a cheeky reference to a popular Marvel Comics title that came into prominence in the 1950s and eventually introduced us to Thor and Loki. 

    It's likely a detail lost on casual fans, but those immersed in Marvel Comics lore knew right away. 

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    The Living Tribunal Statue

    A lot of head-like statues showed up in Episode 5, but perhaps none were as timely and relevant as the head of the Tribunal statue that savvy fans immediately recognized.

    Considering that the Tribunal oversees all the timelines throughout the multiverse, its presence in the Void makes perfect sense.



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    Yellowjacket's Helmet

    Darren Cross may not have fared that well against Hank Pym in Ant-Man, but he apparently did even worse in at least one timeline, judging from his discarded giant helmet that has become part of the desolate landscape at the end of time itself. 

    Does this mean that a giant version of Cross may still roam the Void's countryside to this day?  

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