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'Loki' Rolled Out So Many Easter Eggs in Episode 5, They Must Now Be Ranked

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Spoiler Warning: Significant plot points from Loki, episode 5, ahead.

None of the Marvel shows hitting Disney+ skimp with the Easter Eggs - but Loki has become a bonanza of egg obscura, much of which goes right over the head of most mortal viewers but tickles the soul of the superfan. 

Loki Episode 5 may very well have topped itself by throwing in so many subtle (and sometimes bizarre), blink-and-you'll-miss-'em moments, that it's time to put them all in order. 

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    He's a Frog. He's Thor. He's Throg!

    What a cruel fate.

    As the camera pans down through the earth to the Lokis' lair, we catch a quick glimpse of a frog, dressed like Thor, in a jar - and jumping furiously toward the Mjölnir hammer just out of his reach. 

    This opens so many questions: How long has "Throg" been down there? How is he surviving? If he ever does get the hammer, how will he wield it with his tiny frog hands? And why isn't Alligator Loki burrowing down to save him in a bout of amphibian-reptile solidarity?

    If you're unfamiliar with Throg, he debuted in 2009 in the comics - and he's essentially a human who was turned into a frog and then granted Thor powers. And he's a "Pet Avenger."


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    Thanos-Copter Down!

    Superfans will recall that Thanos once rode around in a helicopter, but it just seemed kind of silly, so the comics dropped the idea pretty quickly, and the whole "Thanos-copter" conceit never made it into the Avengers movies (thankfully).

    Perhaps it's fitting that the dopey Thanos-copter ended up pruned and marooned at the end of time.

    What better graveyard for an ill-fated transportation mode.

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    A QENG Tower Forebodes Kang The Conquerer?

    Perhaps one of the most immediately relevant Easter eggs in Loki Episode 5 was the quick glimpse of a half-destroyed QENG Enterprises Tower - a reference to the company that in the comics bought Avengers Tower from Stark Industries. 

    QENG Enterprises was owned by Mister Gryphon, a version of Nathaniel Richards - who fans know is an alias for famous foe Kang the Conquerer.

    The final shot of Episode 5 also shows a castle within the enchanted Alioth, and some believe that may be part of Kang's lair.


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    Red Skull's Escape Craft

    If it wasn't bad enough that Red Skull has been intermittently trapped on Vormir since his battles with Captain America, it seems that he also at some point found himself similarly banished to The Void - at least judging from the presence of his escape craft on the surface. 

    The position suggests that crashed head-first into the ground. Did Red Skull bail out? Is one or several versions of the disfigured Johann Schmidt still lurking around?


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