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13 Poignant Fan Thoughts About The First Episode Of 'Loki' That Made Us Have An Existential Crisis

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The first episode of 'LOKI' was just one long existential crisis for our favorite trickster, and MCU fans had some thoughts about Loki's introduction to the Time Variance Authority.

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    His Death Isn't Framed For More Than It Was

    From Tumblr user stellophia:

    ...can we take a second to appreciate how the episode frames 2018 Loki's death? Like, the show didn't attempt to sell us a bullsh*t justification for it. There were no implications of "sacrifice" or "redemption". No attempt to pretend that it was in any way a satisfactory end to the character, or that it served any purpose other than to get rid of him. Nope, it presented his death exactly the way it was: an abrupt, shocking, and downright cruel death for a character the narrative simply decided to toss away without second thought now that it was done toying with him.

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    The Purpose Of That Infinity Stone Scene

    From Tumblr user fireheartwraith:

    I've seen that some people are getting mad about how the infinity stones are being shown as in Loki — which is comprehensible considering fans had to say goodbye to some of their favorite characters because of [these] stones —, but I still think some of you are missing the point.

    We know the stones are powerful. We've seen what a single stone can do in the wrong hands in countless movies, and we've mourned the devastation all six of them can do. H*ll, most beings aren't even powerful enough to hold the stones, let alone use them. That's how powerful they are!

    So, why and how are they so... useless in Loki?

    First, of course, is the magic ban. The TVA must sense their power as magic, and since magic doesn't work in the TVA, neither does the stones

    But, the most important factor and the thing that Loki themself realized in the first episode, is the scale of that power.

    Let's imagine the stones as something more relatable to us: money. More specifically, a million US dollars. That's a lot right? That kind of money could literally change our lives, for better or worse. People kill and die for it, they humiliate themselves for a fraction of this. Just watch any competition reality show... ever.

    But, for a billionaire? A million is basically nothing. They don't need it, for it's merely a pebble in the mountain of their wealth. Someone that has something in abundance will never understand how and why people suffer for it.

    In this analogy, the TVA is a billionaire. They dictate the flow of time and reality. To them, what are the infinity stones if not colorful rocks? What is a million dollars to a billionaire?


    The infity stones and Thanos were powerful. But the TVA and the Time Keepers are powerful in a scale we, and the MCU as we know it, can barely comprehend.

    That's the point of that scene.

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    Loki Couldn't Comprehend Frigga's Death

    From Tumblr user imaginationhyperload:

    Loki getting all protective over Frigga after seeing her death was both extremely sweet and extremely heartbreaking.

    I could practically hear his thoughts in that moment.

    “No! There’s no way that she’s really gone! I couldn’t possibly have made that mistake! This has to be a trick! She must be somewhere here! They’re keeping her here in order to control me again! I’ll set her free! NO ONE hurts my mother!”

    And if they HAD been keeping Frigga there? Ohhhhh Loki would have done more than burn the place to the ground. He would have personally annihilated everyone in it just to get her back safe.

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    Loki Finally Got What He Wanted

    From Tumblr user weirdcow:

    Loki wanted to be loved and now he knows he was finally loved by everyone around him, his father, brother, mother. He was accepted by everyone around him and finally felt like he belonged. But then he died, and now he can never go back to the life he always wanted, the life he wished for, the life he fought for. Now [that] just really tears me up.

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