Photo: Loki / Disney+

Small And Mischievous Details Fans Noticed From 'Loki'

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It's clear that Loki is going to have massive implications for the future of the MCU based on how connected it is to exploring the multiverse. These eagle-eyed fans have pointed out a number of details that might have been missed on the first watch.

Photo: Loki / Disney+

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    An Hourglass Shows That Kang's Time Runs Out

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    The USS Eldridge Can Be Seen

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    Loki Asks If He Is In Hel

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    His File Refers To The Team During 'Ragnarok' As The Revengers

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    TVA's First Appearance Referenced By The Floor Loki And Mobius Are On

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    He Lands The Same Way He Does After Doctor Strange Drops Him In 'Thor: Ragnarok'

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