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Graveyard Shift
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On Friday The 13th, 1970, A Mass Of Londoners Hunted A 'King Vampire' In Highgate Cemetery

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London has been the site of many creepy historical events, ranging from Jack the Ripper's serial murders to the Great Plague of London. So perhaps it's not surprising that tales swirl of things stalking its winding streets – things that aren't quite human. One beautiful, yet macabre London cemetery, Highgate, is rumored to house a very special resident: the Highgate Vampire. Stories about this creature go way beyond the typical urban legend. In fact, many residents became so wrapped up in the tale that they joined the mass vampire hunt of 1970.

Yes, that's right: this bizarre tale isn't from the distant, superstitious past, but rather the supposedly enlightened 20th century. The London vampire hunt shows that, no matter how much science and technology advance, people are still frightened by the things that go bump in the night. Did the Highgate Vampire truly haunt the cemetery, and could it still be there?

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