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Super Creepy And Disturbing Pictures Taken Inside London's Museum Of Pickled Animals

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Among other odd museums of the UK, London's museum of pickled animals, officially called the Grant Museum of Zoology, is a throwback to days past. Many of the exhibits in the museum of zoology include pickled animals and creepy animal displays. It has many items in its collection from when it opened in 1823, some of the displays were even shown at the 1853 Great Exhibition.

In that time the collection has grown by leaps and bounds. There are now over 60,000 pieces in the museum including rare dinosaurs and a plethora of pickled creatures. The collection includes several odd presentations. One is a jar full of moles that seems disturbing. However, according to the museum, in the days when Zoologists would train by dissecting creatures, this saved space was a more efficient use of preserving fluids and jars.