15 Tips And Tricks To Actually Enjoy A Long Flight

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Frequent flyers: vote up the best advice on how to make it through a long flight.

If when someone says "long flight" your back starts hurting and your neck is already feeling a terrible pain then this list is for you. Keep reading to learn how to survive a long flight and maybe even enjoy it. Check out these long flight tips and vote up your favorites!

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    Take Earplugs Even If You Have Headphones

    From Redditor u/tijde:

    Earplugs. Even if you take headphones, toss a pair of those foam earplugs in your pocket/purse. I started carrying them when I flew a lot and now I just keep a pair in my purse all the time. I don't use them often but when I do, I'm really glad I have them.

    Get rest, hydrate, wear good sturdy shoes and comfortable layers in soft natural fibers, and plan a variety of things to do on the plane. And seriously, pack earplugs.

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    Get An Aisle Seat (Unless You're Short)

    From Redditor u/Notmiefault:

    Get an aisle seat unless you're incredibly short; easy to get to the bathroom and loads of leg room. If you are short, a window can be nice as you can rest your head against it to sleep (though this is still difficult due to the shape of the plane).

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    Bring Some Basic Toiletries And Fresh Socks

    From a former Redditor:

    For jetlag: Melatonin.

    For motion sickness: Ginger pills (scientifically proven).

    General flying stuff: Take some basic toiletries, so you can wash your face, clean your teeth, etc. Do this a couple of times on your flight. It's surprising how much fresher it makes you feel afterward. And a pair of fresh socks are surprisingly awesome to change into, too.

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    Use The Bathroom - Even When You Don't Need It

    From Redditor u/Notmiefault:

    Get up and move around often. Doctors recommend once an hour. While you shouldn't hog it, the bathroom can be a source of much-needed privacy, even if you don't actually need to pee.

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    Buy A Neck Pillow

    From a former Redditor:

    Buy a neck pillow. Waking up because your neck drops every 5 minutes sucks.

    If possible, avoid keeping a bag under the seat in front of you. Having the room to stretch is awesome during a long flight

    I prefer an aisle seat during long flights. Gives me the flexibility to get up and walk around/use the restroom without inconveniencing anyone.

    Get a good pair of headphones.

    Pack a laptop with your favorite TV shows/movies.

    You need a good book to read and alternate between watching something on your laptop.

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    Try The Best Seats In The Main Cabin

    From Redditor u/cbdr:

    In an (ABC-DEFG-HJK) (i.e. a 3-4-3) cabin I would go for the window (A or K) or a middle seat (E or F). Reasons:

    In both those types of seats, nobody will disturb you if you're trying to sleep (i.e. routes to the bathroom for your neighbors don't go through you).

    You might be able to lean against the bulkhead/window.

    For the center seats, only one person to disturb to get to the bathroom.

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