20 People Share The Last Straw That Ended Their Long-Term Relationship

Relationships are complicated, and very few ever end entirely for one reason (especially when the connection is long-term). But enough unpleasant incidents can pile up over time until one last straw brings the whole thing tumbling down. Here's a whole bunch of those last reasons, big and small, that finally caused these couples to breakup. 

Photo: Mitchell Joyce / Flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0

  • The Car Crashed, And So Did The Relationship

    Posted by u/sunshinecliffs:

    Most recent terminated long-term relationship. It was long distance, and he came to visit. I got in a car accident on the way to the airport where I wasn't injured enough to go to a hospital, but still really shaken up. I managed to find a way to pick him up anyway, despite the totaled car. He got angry at me because I needed to take my car to a shop and relax/nap instead of entertaining him.

  • Something Sweet For Someone Who Isn't

    Posted by a former Redditor:

    I brought her chocolate from a Godiva store when I was out of town with friends. She responded with, "You know I could have just bought these at World Market myself, right?" I honestly felt crushed that she had said that, and felt unappreciated. I walked out and never saw her again.

  • He Didn't Want To Celebrate Their Accomplishments

    Posted by u/dmgb:

    I wanted to go out with my college friends after our senior thesis gallery showing to celebrate the fact that we all accomplished so much and we'd be graduating soon. He said he didn't want to go, so he didn't want me to go, because he didn't trust me to go out and spend the night drinking without him.

    If you don't trust me, and don't want me to spend time with the people I love and might never see again after I graduate, you can go f*ck yourself. I dumped him the next day after he asked why I got home so late (bar close) and said I was probably out cheating on him.

    So annoying. I was dating the guy almost two years. I lived with him. If he was still THAT insecure at that point in our relationship, I didn't want to waste my time. I had already checked out of the relationship mentally months prior, but that was just it for me. I was like, "Okay, I'm a month from graduating and I do NOT want a future with this dude. No, no, no."

  • His Pride, Her Prejudice

    Posted by u/Enex:

    We were already having a rough patch when she invited me to a boat tour around the city. It was pretty romantic all told, and alcohol was being freely served. But she didn't want to kiss me "in public" where her friends might see.

    That relationship really wore me down. I look back and don't really recognize myself. But even then, even at my worst, I'm not going to stand for being with someone who is somehow ashamed of me. My pride returned, and I let that hellscape of a relationship go.

  • No Compassion For Her Grief

    Posted by u/cosmic-mermaid:

    We were together five years. He broke his arm the same week my mom [passed away]. Our relationship had been falling apart the last year, anyway, but he told me I "hadn't been there enough for him since his injury" and I needed to "move on and get over it already." My mother hadn't even been cremated yet.

    I moved out that day and left the majority of my stuff there. It was hard, considering I paid for the place... but I had to go.

  • Called His Ultimatum

    Posted by u/andyetanotherthrowaw:

    I let him give up his job and paid for everything so he could get the education he never finished when he was younger.

    After two years of him doing nothing but surfing the internet and playing video games all day, it became apparent that it would take at least another year before he could start with his training. At that point, I told him to go back to work until it would start.

    He refused, telling me it's too much work to have a part-time job and a relationship with me at the same time. So I made sure that he didn't have to deal with both at the same time.