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The Longest Hollywood Marriages

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List of the Longest Hollywood Marriages ranked by their duration in years. Hollywood marriages are known to be notoriously short, but a few couples have remained happy together for decades. Some couples are both successful actors, while other couples have one spouse who is a mega-star while the other is unknown to the public.

Who tops our list of the longest Hollywood marriages? Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara top our list. They were been married for 61 years until Meara's death in 2015. They had two children together, Amy and Ben Stiller. Stiller and Meara first gained attention as a successful comedy duo. Stiller went on to appear on successful television shows like “Seinfeld” and “The King of Queens” and Meara appeared on “Sex and the City.”

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have been married since 1988. They have two children together and Tom has two children from a previous marriage. Both spouses have successful acting and producing careers. Other actors who have had long Hollywood marriages include Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, John Travolta and Kelly Preston, and Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest.

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