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The Best Nintendo Switch Games That Take Forever To Finish

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When there isn't much to do, playing video games can be the perfect way to pass the time, and now one of the best ways to play video games on the Nintendo Switch. If you're a Switch owner who's itching for some new titles to enjoy, there are tons of great options, from action RPGs to farming and community simulators to third-person shooters. Why wait when you could embark on an epic journey from the comfort of your own couch? The longest Switch games can take anywhere from a few dozen hours to finish to a few hundred. Whether you enjoy kicking back and relaxing, or getting your blood pumping with some fast-paced action, there's an option for everyone, and they'll all help you kill a few dozen, or few hundred, hours if you so choose.

One of the Switch's greatest features is its innate portability, meaning you can get your game on literally anywhere, anytime. To get some ideas to add to your wishlist, check out our list below of the best Switch games that take forever to finish. Also make sure to vote up your favorite games that help you run out the clock, or downvote any of the mind-numbingly long Switch games that weren't worth your time in the first place. 

And if you're still looking to burn some time, check out the longest PS4 games ever made.

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  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    Photo: Monolith Soft

    Main Story: Roughly 65 hours (80 with the Torna expansion)
    Extra Quests: 110 hours (130 with the Torna expansion)
    Playing to Completion: Around 260 hours (300 hours with the Torna expansion)

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is an open-world action RPG that takes place in the fantastical world of Alrest, which is covered in a sea of clouds. Geared more toward a focused storyline than its predecessor, the sequel focuses on two protagonists, Rex and Pyra, as they attempt to reach the mysterious World Tree in the middle of a war between two factions called the Drivers and the Blades.

    Don't worry, it's not as complicated as it sounds, and you'll have plenty of time to figure it out over the game's pretty extensive run time regardless. Considering the game has you control a party of three characters, which allows you some customization in terms of how you want to play, and that it has a gorgeous and inviting open world, you won't want a second away from exploring it all until it's over.

    • Release: 2017
    • Developer: Monolith Soft
    • Genres (Video game): Action role-playing
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  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    Photo: Bethesda Game Studios

    Main Story: Roughly 35 hours (75+ hours with DLCs)
    Extra Quests: Around 125 hours (150+ hours with DLCs)
    Playing to Completion: Around 1000 hours

    An all-time classic that has been ported to nearly every platform imaginable, it was only a matter of time before Skyrim was available on the Switch. With a substantial main storyline, as well as dozens of side quests and missions, Skyrim is truly a world you can get lost in.

    If you really wanted, you could melt away dozens of hours reading one of the many in-game books. Now that it's more portable than ever, there's no excuse not to play one of the most well-loved games of all time.

    • Release: 2011
    • Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
    • Genres (Video game): Action role-playing game, fantasy
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  • Stardew Valley
    Photo: Eric Barone

    Main Story: 50-55 hours
    Extra Quests: 85 hours 
    Playing to Completion: 150 hours

    Stardew Valley has now become one of the most popular indie games of all time, and for good reason. Taking inspiration from farming and community simulators like Harvest Moon and Animal CrossingStardew maintains the feel of a quant virtual farming town while leaving its own stamp on the genre.

    Whether you're a fan of fishing, mining, farming, or romancing your neighbors, there's something for everyone in Stardew Valley. Even better, the developer has recently been releasing patches with all kinds of new content from cutscenes to fruits, so we have a feeling this game will stay in our rotation for quite some time.

    • Release: 2016
    • Developer: Concerned Ape
    • Genres (Video game): Simulation, role-playing
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  • 8

    Monster Hunter Generations

    Monster Hunter Generations
    Photo: Capcom

    Main Story: Roughly 55-60 hours 
    Extra Quests: 120 hours
    Playing to Completion: 265 hours

    Originally released on the Nintendo 3DS in 2015, an HD version of Monster Hunter Generations was ported to the Switch in 2018. Like the previous entries in the Monster Hunter series, and like the title would suggest, the gameplay is centered on hunting dangerous creatures in an action RPG setting. Of course, Generations iterates on the series' formula, adding new attacks and combat styles, as well as the ability to play as Felynes, who has traditionally been a companion character.

    The game also offers a substantial amount of monster-hunting content (we'd be shocked if it didn't) so you won't run out of quests for quite some time.

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