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The Best Nintendo Switch Games That Take Forever To Finish

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Vote up your favorite long Switch games that take an eternity to complete (but are also totally worth it).

When there isn't much to do, playing video games can be the perfect way to pass the time, and now one of the best ways to play video games on the Nintendo Switch. If you're a Switch owner who's itching for some new titles to enjoy, there are tons of great options, from action RPGs to farming and community simulators to third-person shooters. Why wait when you could embark on an epic journey from the comfort of your own couch? The longest Switch games can take anywhere from a few dozen hours to finish to a few hundred. Whether you enjoy kicking back and relaxing, or getting your blood pumping with some fast-paced action, there's an option for everyone, and they'll all help you kill a few dozen, or few hundred, hours if you so choose.

One of the Switch's greatest features is its innate portability, meaning you can get your game on literally anywhere, anytime. To get some ideas to add to your wishlist, check out our list below of the best Switch games that take forever to finish. Also make sure to vote up your favorite games that help you run out the clock, or downvote any of the mind-numbingly long Switch games that weren't worth your time in the first place. 

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  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    Photo: Nintendo

    Main Story: 50 hours (64 hours with DLCs)
    Extra Quests: 90-95 hours (112 hours with DLCs)
    Playing to Completion: 180-185 hours (203 hours with DLCs)

    If you're looking for an epic adventure in the land of Hyrule, you can never go wrong with Breath of the Wild. It's the first entry in the famed Zelda series to feature a true open-world experience and offers a compelling main storyline. However, many players find themselves taking the most enjoyment from this game by simply exploring the extensive map, uncovering side quests, and discovering secrets. And trust us, there is A LOT to explore.

    The freedom to play the game however you want is a breath of fresh air, and it's easy for the hours to melt away when you have so many fun tools and environments (and a physics engine) to play around with. It's also one of the more difficult Zelda games, making it all the more special when you finally work your way through.

    • Release: 2017
    • Developer: Nintendo EPD
    • Genres (Video game): Action-adventure
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  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons
    Photo: Nintendo

    Main Story: Roughly 60 hours
    Extras: 90-100 hours
    Playing to Completion: Around 200 hours (though you can hypothetically play forever)

    Now one of the best-selling console games of all time, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has completely taken over the games space the past few months. Fans had long awaited an entry on the Switch in the beloved series of community simulators, and they were not disappointed, as New Horizons returned with the features that players love while also bringing some brand new mechanics that only add to the charm.

    While there are specific objectives to complete in the early game, players can, in theory, play Animal Crossing indefinitely, constantly changing the design of the island, or simply just hanging out with the villagers. 

    • Release: 2020
    • Developer: Nintendo EPD
    • Genres (Video game): Social simulation, real-life simulation
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  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    Photo: CD Projekt RED

    Main Story: Roughly 50 hours (75 hours with DLCs)
    Extra Quests: 100 hours (140 hours with DLCs)
    Playing to completion: 170-175 hours (around 230 hours with DLCs)

    A juggernaut of modern AAA games, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the best games to get lost in if you're looking to burn some time. Not only does the game have thousands of hours of content, including an in-game card game, there is almost no filler, with many of the side quests being considered more compelling than the main questline.

    Offering a traditional RPG experience with incredible graphics and voice acting, The Witcher 3 is a modern classic that will be played for years to come. And while the game itself is seriously expansive, completing the game becomes a massive undertaking when you factor in the various DLCs, which are practically two stand-alone games.

    • Release: 2015
    • Developer: CD Projekt RED
    • Genres (Video game): Action role-playing game
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  • Stardew Valley
    Photo: Eric Barone

    Main Story: 50-55 hours
    Extra Quests: 85 hours 
    Playing to Completion: 150 hours

    Stardew Valley has now become one of the most popular indie games of all time, and for good reason. Taking inspiration from farming and community simulators like Harvest Moon and Animal CrossingStardew maintains the feel of a quant virtual farming town while leaving its own stamp on the genre.

    Whether you're a fan of fishing, mining, farming, or romancing your neighbors, there's something for everyone in Stardew Valley. Even better, the developer has recently been releasing patches with all kinds of new content from cutscenes to fruits, so we have a feeling this game will stay in our rotation for quite some time.

    • Release: 2016
    • Developer: Concerned Ape
    • Genres (Video game): Simulation, role-playing
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