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The Longest Roads on Earth

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Thinking of going on a road trip? Earth's longest roads are adventurous enough to make anyone's wanderlust dreams come true, but are you brave enough to face them? The journey into the unknown can be dangerous, so please don't get distracted by the beautiful scenery, and don't ever text and drive. Life is all about the journey, so instead of boarding a quick flight, jump in the driver's seat of your car and hit the road, seeing the world from one of the longest roads ever!

Whether you're an American without a passport or just a travel enthusiast in any location, this list of the longest highways will take you all over the world from California to China. Buckle up!
  • The Pan-American Highway - 19,000 Miles

    Photo: Angelica Jacobi / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 3.0
    The Pan-American Highway isn't just a concrete jungle, it's a concrete desert, rainforest, and mountain range. This bi-continental highway is the only road in the world to cover two entire hemispheres, from the brisk cities of Prudhoe Bay, AK to the tropical markets in Ushuaia, Argentina. It's also the only land route on Earth that connects both the Arctic and Antarctic Circles with a vast range of climates and ecosystems along the way.
  • The Great Wall of China - 13,171 Miles

    Photo: Severin.stalder / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 3.0
    The Great Wall of China might feel like a cheat because of its tourist appeal, but it's actually far more than an entry on your buck list. The Great Wall's paved route runs down its entire 13,000-mile expanse, and it is neither illegal nor impossible to walk all the way from one end to the other. At 15-feet wide, the Great Wall's path is almost wide enough to meet U.S. specifications for a two-lane road. It's also (theoretically) strong enough to support automotive traffic.
  • Highway 1, Australia - 9,010 Miles

    Unlike most roads on this list, Australia's Highway 1 doesn't start in one place and end in another. In fact, it makes a complete coastal circle around Australia's breathtaking beaches, across the cities of Melbourne, Perth, and Darwin. But don't let the pretty view fool you, Highway 1 is considered a dangerous route by many travelers due to its narrow two-lane structure in the areas surrounding Queensland.
  • Trans-Canada Highway - 7,821 Miles

    Say what you will about Canada, but they have been the leading geniuses in long-distance transportation for quite some time now. Need proof? Take the Trans-Canada Highway. Built in 1962 it was the single longest road in the world at that time. The central 5,000 mile span is completely independent from any other highway system, which is something very few other roads can claim.