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Longest Running Children's TV Shows

List of the longest-running kids' TV shows in US history. These children's TV series have more episodes than any others in American television. Some of the shows ran and have since gone off the air or been canceled, while others remain ongoing and are still being produced. Typically, these shows were collected into "seasons" of television, each with a pre-set amount of episodes. Sometimes, these seasons were broken up, in some cases with years or even decades between production of the series, while still being considered the run of a single TV show. (Spin-offs and other shows that were reinvented and debuted as new series are not considered.) This list contains all the longest-running shows in the history of children's television.

No other children's program in US history can really approach "Sesame Street" in terms of either ubiquity, popularity OR longevity. The creation of Jim Henson and the Children's Television Workshop has been a fixture on American television since the 1960s, raising generations of American kids and their parents. The show has clocked in over 4,000 episodes over the course of 41 seasons and continues going strong. Though there are no other US children's shows that have nearly that number of episodes, it's interesting to note that both China and the United Kingdom have longer running TV series for kids - "Dafengche" and "Blue Peter," respectively. These long running programs are icons in the TV business. There are few shows that have been around as long as these have.

What are some of the longest running children's TV shows? Take a look here and find out.

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