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People Share The Best Loopholes They Regularly Take Advantage Of

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Once someone finds a good loophole that makes their life easier, they quickly put it into regular rotation. People can get quite creative when it comes to cutting corners or saving money and if it's not illegal then it becomes perfectly justifiable. These loopholes and life hacks have been shared by people who exploit them regularly and they're ready to share their secrets. 

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    Ohio Loophole

    From Redditor u/DLDude:

    In Ohio, if you get something 'to go' at a fast food restaurant.. there's no sales tax.


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    Loyalty Card Loophole

    From Redditor u/butabi7293:

    The grocery store I frequent has a loyalty card you can earn points on to get a discount at the pump, so whenever I plan on going out to eat or buying something from a store, I first get a gift card to that store using my loyalty card and get tons of free points. Money for nothing and my chicks for free.

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    Attendance Loophole

    From Redditor u/PinstripeZebra:

    At my high school if you skipped class you'd get a computerized call home telling your parents that you didn't attend class and my parents were strict about me not skipping classes. But they would hand out personal information sheets at the beginning of the year which had all your info on it and you could update any of it if it had changed over the last year. So I just changed the home phone number to my cell phone and all those late calls came to my cell instead. My parents never noticed.

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    Costco Loophole

    From Redditor u/bayesianqueer:

    I'm not sure about other states, but in CA it is illegal to have a 'members only' pharmacy. So Costco must let non-members get prescriptions there. However once you are in, you can get free samples, buy dirt cheap pizza, hot dogs, etc. To get in, just tell the dude at the door that you are filling a prescription. If they insist on seeing it, say your doctor called it in or it's already been dropped off. They won't care enough to check it with the pharmacy unless you are there so frequently.

    In addition, Costco's prescription prices are set at 15% of wholesale price. This means they are generally a lot cheaper that most other pharmacies. However, if you are a member and tell them that you are uninsured, they knock off the 15% and you get your pills for wholesale. Even if you have insurance, we all know that sometimes insurance won't pay for it or you still have a big deductible to meet. So if you are insured, fill most of your prescriptions at another pharmacy, then use Costco when you need to pay out of pocket and get a 15% discount if you tell them you're uninsured (because they don't check).

    Finally, Costco has prices online at their website. However, if you use to print coupons for other pharmacies, you can check them against Costco, because they are listed as "Membership Warehouse".

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