Eye-Opening Fan Theories About Max Von Sydow's Character In 'The Force Awakens'

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The third Star Wars trilogy has opened up a whole new galaxy of questions for fans to ponder, but one question many were asking upon the 2015 release of The Force Awakens was, "Who is Lor San Tekka?" You'd be forgiven if you don't remember this Max von Sydow Star Wars character, as he was only in The Force Awakens for a couple minutes before getting cut down by Kylo Ren. Even within that brief appearance, however, a myriad of mysteries swelled around him.

There's no shortage of convincing fan theories about the current state of the Star Wars universe, many of which center around Supreme Leader Snoke. The Supreme Leader is also featured heavily in quite a few of these Lor San Tekka fan theories. Beware of spoilers for both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.


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    San Tekka Is From Alderaan, Leia's Home Planet

    Redditor /u/uncleubb noted a particular line from Lor San Tekka in The Force Awakens, leading them to the conclusion that San Tekka is an "Alderaanian soldier of fortune":

    Lor San Tekka is one of the last Alderaanians. She'll [Leia] always be royalty to me seems pretty obvious. Also, being a member of the church of the force would make sense if your princess is force sensitive.

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    San Tekka Helped Luke Find The First Jedi Temple

    Redditor /u/ColtonCM believes Leia sought out Lor San Tekka specifically, as he is a noted explorer in the books. As such, the theory proposes San Tekka discovered the map on his own:

    We know from interviews that R2-D2 downloaded [most of the map] from the Death Star. Why was it incomplete? Either the Empire deleted those records, or they themselves didn't even know about them. In Lor's travels during the reign of the Empire, he uncovered the locations of those other Jedi temples, including the first one.

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    Luke Put San Tekka On Jakku To Watch Over Rey

    Redditor /u/Lord Revanous dismisses The Last Jedi's claim that Rey's parents are nobodies. They believe Luke is her father, and he left Rey on Jakku under San Tekka's care:

    ...what are the odds that Lor San Tekka, an all knowing adviser, is on the planet of Jakku, a nothing planet, but there is one thing (apart from the map) and that's Rey! Now my thinking is [J. J. Abrams] put him there for a specific reason! I still believe that shuttle we see flying away was meant to be Luke, and Luke's most trusted adviser [was] left to watch over his daughter/last survivor, and [Luke entrusted] him with a map to find him come time!

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    Luke Gave The Map To San Tekka

    As Redditor /u/dddash discovered, Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia states Luke Skywalker gave San Tekka the map revealing his mysterious destination.

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    San Tekka's Past As A Relic Hunter Led To Snoke's Rise

    Redditor /u/7_stark delves into Marvel's "Poe Dameron" comic series to better understand who San Tekka is and what his few lines of dialogue in The Force Awakens mean. They determine he was once an "aggressive relic hunter" and broke into government vaults in Cato Neimoidia to find ancient artifiacts. 

    The theorist then connects this information to a scene from TFA:

    Kylo somehow knows LST has found the map (“We know you’ve found it”). He also recognizes LST, and the two of them chat about the Skywalker family. So there is at least a familiarity, if not recent, between these two. LST hands over the map piece to Poe with the famous line, “This will begin to make things right.” [Maybe] Snoke is some ancient bad guy who LST inadvertently had a part in summoning or alerting from the far reaches of space. Perhaps he, his organization, or even Luke bears some blame here.

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    San Tekka's Ring Proves He Was A Villian At One Point

    Redditor /u/Wupiupi believes the ring on Lor San Tekka's hand looks as though it might contain a Kyber crystal, a symbol of the Church of the Force:

    I know that people have hypothesized a connection between LST and Snoke. If that is a black Kyber crystal... is it a symbol of The Church of the Force, and did he and Snoke know each other at one time? Was LST also a baddy in the end before he and Luke parted ways?