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Which 'Lord Of The Rings' Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac?

Updated 27 Mar 2018 164.6k views12 items

If you were thrust into Tolkien's Middle Earth fantasy world, who would you be? It's an interesting question, but the answer might already be clear because you can tell which Lord of the Rings character you would be based on your sign of the zodiac. 

The zodiac helps us reflect on our lives, and it can also direct our attention to who we are or aim to be. Astrology can tell us what our personality type would be like if we were riding a magic carpet like a Disney princess or if we were fighting Ultron alongside the Avengers. Perhaps you need some guidance on your best Pokémon partner? Astrology has that covered, too!

Tolkien's fantasy world of hobbits, wizards, elves, dwarves, and everything in between is a rich tapestry of personalities, and for each zodiac sign there is an ideal Lord of the Rings character. Perhaps you're more of a justice-oriented Libra and you're willing to face down a Balrog or you're more of a travel thirsty Sagittarius who wants to kick back and see the sights with your fellow Nazgûl. Check out the list below of The Lord of the Rings characters by zodiac sign and see if they match you. Just remember to read your charts with a grain of salt. After all, nothing should be too precious.

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