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The Best Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Fan Art

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J.R.R. Tolkien's classic saga The Lord of the Rings and its many sequels and companion novels have spawned decades upon decades of fans. Luckily for us, a lot of those fans are incredibly artistically talented and have been cranking out the LotR fan art for years. This Lord of the Rings art by fans helps bring a world described only in words to life with lush visualizations and detailed depictions of the landscapes of Middle Earth.

Every character has been given their due and the mediums of these works of art vary wildly (one person even painted shoes!). There is the fantastical, the daring, the dangerous - and it's all captured here for friends of the Fellowship like you. Lucky for you- this list is a lot shorter than binge watching all the movies again! Grab your best friend and get ready to summit Mount Doom - but first, check out this amazing Lord of the Rings fan art!

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    The Old Wizard

    Kinko-White describes this piece of art as a "Gandalf sketch," which really puts your doodles on cocktail napkins to shame, huh?

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    Boromir: The Most Underrated of the Fellowship

    This incredible Boromir painting by Deligaris was done entirely in Photoshop.

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    Home Sweet Shire

    Photo: aprilis420

    Aprilis420 painted a beautiful scene with Frodo and Sam in the Shire.

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    Battle Against the Beast

    Photo: Cristi-B

    Cristi-B created this incredible battle scene featuring an orc.

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