15 Heartbreaking Things About 'Lord Of The Rings' We Noticed In 2021

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A lot of Lord of the Rings is actually much sadder when you examine it the way that fans have over the years. Whether it's pointing out a previously unnoticed detail or bringing up some gut-wrenching bit of history, these fans pointed out some moments this year that will truly break your heart.

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    Balin And Ori's Cadaver's Are Still Trapped In The Mines Of Moria During 'Fellowship of the Ring'

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    The Elvish Lyrics During Boromir's Last Scene Are Incredibly Depressing

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    The End Of 'Return of the King' Marks The End Of Magic In Middle-Earth

    From a former Redditor:

    That departure at the end of LoTR is extraordinarily moving and powerful, especially after reading the Silmarillion and the histories. It's really the departure of "magic" from the world, and the end of the age of myth. They are sailing to a place beyond the reach of anyone who will ever live, until the final end of the world.

    Lothlorien will fade into... I don't know, regular woods or something, maybe with a little bit of an "enchanted" or "elvish" feeling. Whatever elves are left will fade and become nothing, or maybe something invisible to men, diffuse spirits out of time...

    The end of LoTR is really the end of wizards, elves, and mythic powers, with the possible exception of old Tom Bombadil. From here on out, it is the age of mortal men, the age we live in still.

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    Boromir Represents Human Flaws

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    Legolas And Gimli Remained Close Friends For Their Entire Lives

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    Sam Sails To Valinor After His Wife Dies

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