Fans Point Out Heartbreaking 'Lord of the Rings' Lore About Elves

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The elves are some of the more somber people in general on Middle-Earth  but even they have some extra-noticeable heartbreaking moments. These fans have pointed out the lore and moments from the series that stuck with them because of how sad it was.

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    Legolas Brought Gimli To Valinor At The End Of His Life

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    Elrond Has Had A Rough Life

    From Redditor u/_abracadaver_:

    He loses his twin brother to the Gift of Man. His wife was tortured, assaulted, and poisoned by Orcs. His loses his daughter to the Gift of Man, and I think it's implied that his sons might have followed suit. That's a lot of personal loss and pain.

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    The Elvish Words During Boromir's Death Are Incredibly Depressing

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    Tauriel And Legolas Were Cursed Because Of Who They Fell In Love With

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    Galadriel's Family Banned Her And Exiled Her To Middle-Earth

    From a former Redditor:

    Banned from the undying lands, estranged from her kin, Galadriel was exiled to Middle-earth, where, for thousands of years, she tried in vain to stave off the corrupting darkness and 'fading.' Through wars and horror and death, she tried to preserve a failing glimmer of something like land of the Valar.

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    Galadriel Turning Down The Ring Was Her Giving Up Her Dream

    From a former Redditor:

    When Frodo finally offered her the one ring, she turned down her last and final chance to take over and transform Middle-Earth into the land of her memory. Instead, she chose to fade, and let go of her hope of aeons.

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