'Lord of the Rings' Fans Reveal Heartbreaking Fan Theories About The Fellowship

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The Fellowship of the Ring brought together a lot of different races and personalities to Middle-earth. While the journey was great for the world in the long term, the journey itself was fairly grueling and fans have been making the trip to Mordor even more upsetting by concocting these heartbreaking fan theories about its members.

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    Aragorn And Legolas Were More Devastated Than The Rest Of The Fellowship Over Gandalf's Death

    From Redditor u/Ranchking91:

    In the LOTR movies there are these little details that only last for about a second. First when Aragorn witnesses Gandalf fall he freezes for a few seconds and almost takes an arrow to the face. It takes Boromir shouting at him to snap him out of it. Also, when the sad music is playing and all the Hobbits are crying we just see Legolas staring at the ground in disbelief. My theory is that Aragorn and Legolas where more distraught then any of the group but just didn't show it because they are hardened warriors but they are also educated and know who Gandalf is.

    In the LOTR lore, it is revealed that Gandalf isn't just some mysterious Wizard but something equivalent to an archangel like Saint Micheal and Satan. He and the rest of the Wizards of Middle-earth are on the same power level as Sauron and Morgoth and Legolas and Aragorn know it because they were raised by the Elves and were educated. To the Hobbits, losing Gandalf was like losing a grandfatherly figure and Gimli and Boromir, both hardened warriors themselves, are barely affected by it but to Aragorn and Legolas it was like watching Jesus die. 

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    Gollum Killed Frodo's Parents

    From Redditor u/SnakeeyesX:

    I always wondered why Gollum never tried to kill Bilbo, like he promised he would. I think the answer might be that he thought he did kill Bilbo, but really killed Drogo and his wife.

    Drogo and Primula died from drowning on the Brandywine river in Buckland. Witnesses claim to have seen a struggle. This is Smeagle's MO.

    Gollum only had two clues; ‘Shire and Baggins,’ not likely to travel on land, Gollum would have killed the first Baggins he found along the Brandywine river. Being the only Baggins in Buckland, this would have been Drogo. He wouldn't know the difference between Drogo and Bilbo, as he never actually saw Bilbo, and didn't know his first name.

    Read the full theory here.

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    Gandalf Was Willing To Sacrifice Frodo

    From Redditor u/drake2732:

    I love the books and the movies. My thought always was:

    Gandalf is old and wise. Sauron was defeated before but always rise again feeding on selfness and greed of others. Gandalf was not trying to destroy just the One Ring, but to prevent Sauron from ever returning again. For that, The Fellowship movie was the most important of all because it set that idea and then The Hobbit shows Gandalf the ability of Hobbits to unite the races. Gandalf could do ‘The Eagles’ move anytime, but decides to give the union a chance and call the ‘people’ to decide. That is evident in the scene when the council is fighting to decide who will bring the Ring to Mordor, in that scene the Ring shine while all presents give themselves to rage and fight, then Frodo says that he will take the ring to Mordor and Gandalf close his eyes.

    In that moment he knows what has to be done and hope of union against evil is formed in his heart, but he doesn't like it cause he knows what that may mean to Frodo destiny. In that moment, all races decide to go together and protect Frodo in his journey. Gandalf understands and is prepared to sacrifice Frodo for it, ‘We must fight and get united for Frodo’ is propaganda that he use in all movies, even more when they lost the Hobbits, that become an idea that find his purpose. In the end of The Return of the King Aragorn, with an army of all races, fulfilled promises and prophecies finally say: ‘For Frodo!.’

    It was never about the Ring or Sauron. It's about the ability of the races to fight together.

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    Gandalf Allowed The Other Hobbits Join The Fellowship To Have Backups In Case Frodo Died

    From Redditor u/kwonza:

    Think about it: you are sending a task force of die-hard fighters on an almost suicidal mission into the heart of the enemy's territory. Then some hapless teenagers (and despite their age that's what Hobbits mostly were) claim they would like to tag along. Of course you would bring them to their senses and send them home, unless...

    Out of the couple of facts we know about Hobbits are: they are rather silent, they have hairy legs, they have unusual resistance to the powers of the Ring. It was stated a few time that the Ring corrupts the fuck out of its bearer. Hell, the wizard didn't even trusted himself with the damn artifact. So what would happen if somewhere in the middle of the road Frodo catches an arrow and is no more? The whole operation on which the fate of the world depends in jeopardized.

    Solutions? Have a spare Ring-barer. Maybe two, four won't hurt either. Sure, the Gray loves the Hobbits, but its better to sacrifice four so that thousands may live.


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    Boromir Was Possessed By Sauron

    From Redditor u/thisrockismyboone:

    In the scene where Narsil ‘rejects’ Boromir, it cuts into his hand. My idea is that because Sauron is obviously magical and evil, there was still a presence of him lingering on the blade that cut his fingers off. So, as the blade slices into his hand, ancient blood or even bacteria somehow transfers into Boromir. Not a lot, not enough to give Sauron complete control, but enough to dement his thoughts.

    When the moment of truth happens some time later, when he tries to take the ring from Frodo, I think that this was Sauron controlling Boromir. They keep saying that ‘someone will try to take the Ring’ and Galadriel says, ‘you know who it will be.’ I think that she was strongly suggesting that it was Sauron because that's actually painfully obvious, that's the entire plot is he's trying to get it back. Perhaps Boromir was a puppet of sorts and you could still technically say it was him that tried. But another line Frodo exclaims, 'you're not yourself!' Maybe he knew that something was up. I don't know, if this is stupid, let me know and I'll delete it. I just think the Boromir was legit a good guy until some dark power took him over.

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    Merry And Pippin Were Trying To Sabotage The Fellowship

    From Redditor u/ChimneyHendrix:

    In the Fellowship of the Ring, a huge problem that the group has is that Merry and Pippin keep doing things seemingly by accident that cause huge problems for everyone. Because they're goofy immature Hobbits at the time, it's reasonable to chalk it up to general clumsiness and inattention. My theory is that because they aren' the brightest characters, the ring uses this to its advantage and tempts them to work against the group in any way they can. Examples of this would be:

    1) Mentioning Frodo by name in the tavern in Bree

    2)Lighting a campfire at Weathertop to attract the Wraiths

    3)Causing the stir in the mines of Moria

    It's also only because the two are dim-witted that their attempts to sabotage the journey fail.

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