'Lord Of The Rings' Fans Point Out Heartbreaking Things That Happened To The Hobbits

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The hobbits are the heart and soul of the Lord of the Rings series but that doesn't mean everything that happens to them is uplifting. Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin get hit with a lot of trauma over their journey and these fans are pointing out some of the most heartbreaking moments.

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    Sam Sailed To Valinor After His Wife Died

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    Merry And Pippen Died Together And Are Buried Next To Aragorn

    From Redditor u/MikeOfThePalace:

    Merry succeeds his father as Master of Buckland (a semi-independent region of the Shire), and Pippin succeeds his father as Thain of the Shire (commander of the Hobbit militia, basically). Sam becomes Mayor, and the three of them basically constitute the entirety of the Shire's government. Aragorn makes them his counselors in the restored realm of Arnor, and they periodically visit Gondor and Rohan. Aragorn does not release Pippin from his service as a member of the Tower Guard, and Merry remains a Knight of Rohan. They're both on a kind of extended leave.

    After raising big families and serving long tenures in their posts, and after Sam goes over the Sea, word comes to the Shire that Eomer is dying, and wishes to see Merry one last time. Pippin and Merry decide to retire; they hand off their offices to their sons, and leave to Rohan and are with Eomer when he dies. They then go to Minas Tirith, and remain there until their deaths. They are interred with honor, and after Aragorn dies they are laid to rest next to him in his tomb.

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    Frodo And Sam Are Stand-Ins For Tolkien And A Friend He Lost In The War

    From Redditor u/iniondubh:

    The parting of Frodo and Sam comes about because Frodo, like so many WW1 soldiers, was too damaged to ever truly 'return'. Tolkien, of course, lost two of his closest friends in the war.

    Sam loses his dearest friend (for now, at least) and has to carry on rebuilding and protecting the world that was so nearly destroyed.

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    Frodo And Bilbo Leaving At The End Of 'Return Of The King' Marks The End Of Magic In Middle-Earth

    Frodo And Bilbo Leaving At The End Of 'Return Of The King' Marks The End Of Magic In Middle-Earth
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    From a former Redditor:

    That departure at the end of LoTR is extraordinarily moving and powerful, especially after reading the Silmarillion and the histories. It's really the departure of 'magic' from the world, and the end of the age of myth. They are sailing to a place beyond the reach of anyone who will ever live, until the final end of the world.

    Lothlorien will fade into... I don't know, regular woods or something, maybe with a little bit of an "enchanted" or "elvish" feeling. Whatever elves are left will fade and become nothing, or maybe something invisible to men, diffuse spirits out of time...

    The end of LoTR is really the end of wizards, elves, and mythic powers, with the possible exception of old Tom Bombadil. From here on out, it is the age of mortal men, the age we live in still.

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    The Weight Of Carrying The Ring Had A Physical Toll On Frodo

    From Redditor u/PlatypusVenom:

    My favorite little detail. Marks around the neck to show the weight of the ring.

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    Frodo Expected To Die On The Journey

    From Redditor u/EpicDodo:

    Although it's mentioned many times, the fact that Frodo expects to die was never something I really twigged on before.