'Lord of the Rings' Fans Reveal Theories About Legolas

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Legolas is many people's favorite member of the Fellowship but as one of the oldest members, there is a lot of life that remains unknown to fans. These Redditors have helped to potentially fill in the gaps with a number of interesting fan theories.

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    Legolas Was One Of The Few That Understood What Gandalf's Death Meant

    From Redditor u/Ranchking91:

    In the LOTR movies there are these little details that only last for about a second. First when Aragorn witnesses Gandalf fall he freezes for a few seconds and almost takes an arrow to the face. It takes Boromir shouting at him to snap him out of it. Also when the sad music is playing and all the Hobbits are crying we just see Legolas staring at the ground in disbelief. My theory is that Aragorn and Legolas where more distraught then any of the group but just didn't show it because they are hardened warriors but they are also educated and know who Gandalf is.

    In the LOTR lore, it is revealed that Gandalf isn't just some mysterious Wizard but something equivalent to an archangel like Saint Micheal and Satan. He and the rest of the wizards of Middle-earth are on the same power level as Sauron and Morgoth and Legolas and Aragorn know it because they were raised by the elves and were educated. To the Hobbits, losing Gandalf was like losing a grandfatherly figure and Gimli and Boromir, both hardened warriors themselves, are barely affected by it but to Aragorn and Legolas it was like watching Jesus die. What was probably going through boths' minds afterward was ‘we are truly f*cked now.’

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    Legolas Bows To Shadowfax Because He Recognizes The 'Lord Of Horses'

    From Redditor u/Beothorne:

    In the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, when Gandalf introduces Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli to Shadowfax, Legolas and Gimli can be seen bowing alongside Gandalf in respect.

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    Legolas Let Gimli Win The Orc-Slaying Contest

    From Redditor u/nthan333:

    At the Battle of the Hornburg, Gimli and Legolas engaged in an Orc slaying contest and at the end Gimli was said to have won by one Orc. Gimli lied about winning, as even though his views on Elves had drastically changed, he still had his Dwarven stubborness. He was obsessed with not letting Legolas get the better of him and we see this throughout the movies and books. Legolas, however, knew this and willingly let him keep the lie going to preserve his newfound friendship with the Dwarf, as his views on the creatures had changed drastically as well. 

    This is why the count was so close (41-40). Gimli knew if he lied about winning by a large margin it would upset Legolas, so he said he barely beat him in the contest and Legolas was content enough to let him get the one up on him, and not for the last time either, because he understood his friend. 

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    The Figure Legolas, Aragorn, And Gimli Encounter In Fangorn Forest Was Radagast

    From Redditor u/Joytex:

    I've read LOTR more times than I can remember but only recently heard the theory that the figure Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas encounter in the night near Fangorn forest could be Radagast (or maybe his spirit moving west after 'death' at the hands of Saruman).

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    Legolas Had Orders To Throw Frodo Into Mount Doom When The Fellowship Arrived

    From Redditor u/equalsnil:

    Rationale: The One Ring invariably corrupts anyone who holds it to the point where it's impossible for anyone to knowingly attempt to destroy it. It's why Gollum had to accidentally fall off the ledge. Elrond and figures of similar knowledge were aware of this, to some degree, and might very well have been willing to sacrifice one Hobbit in exchange for the final death of Sauron.

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    Frodo Forgot Legolas' Name When They Were Reunited

    From Redditor u/applecub:

    Gimli walked in and Frodo shouted his name, but when Legolas walked in Frodo smiled and nodded, mouth hanging open, before Aragorn walked in and bailed him out (he shouted Aragorn’s name too). This is because Frodo’s mind was distracted with the gravity of his mission when he met Legolas so he completely spaced during their introduction. Frodo didn’t want to ask during the Fellowship reuniting as it would seem impolite.

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