Loren Gray's Boyfriends And Dating History

Loren Gray’s boyfriend has always been the subject of much speculation owing to her popularity. A TikTok sensation, singer, and actress - Loren Gray has graced the entertainment spotlight since her early teens, becoming one of the most recognized online celebrities. This bright starlet, with her golden locks and crystal-clear voice, launched her fame through her engaging content, inevitably drawing attention to her personal life - especially her romantic engagements.

To put together an updated list of Loren Gray's dating history, our editors have meticulously combed through a vast array of reputable entertainment news channels and social media platforms. Various sources - from subtle hints in interviews to candid Instagram posts - have been critically examined to provide a comprehensive and accurate account of Loren Gray’s boyfriends over the years.

As of 2022, the youth icon doesn't have a known boyfriend. Her love life has seen its fair share of attention, boasting a line-up of noteworthy ex-boyfriends who have been part of Loren Gray’s relationships over the years. Noteworthy examples include social media influencers Ian Jeffrey and Joey Kisluk a.k.a. Whynot_Joey. Each of Loren Gray's ex-boyfriends has contributed a new chapter to her fascinating dating chronicle, leaving fans eager to learn who the star has shared her heart with.

To delve deeper into the captivating sphere of Loren Gray's love life, don’t hesitate to check out our complete list. You'll find comprehensive details on each of Loren Gray's ex-boyfriends as well as intriguing insights into who Loren Gray was dating throughout her bloom into fame. From past relationships to speculated romances, it's all covered to satisfy your curiosity about Loren Gray's dating history.

  • Ian Jeffrey

    Loren Gray and Ian Jeffrey entered the world of romance back in late 2018, after allegedly meeting through mutual friends in the social media industry. Although the couple initially kept a low profile, their relationship became abundantly clear when they began sharing cutesy photos and posts on social media platforms, capturing the hearts of fans everywhere. Sadly, this love story ended as swiftly as it began, with the pair deciding to call it quits just several months later in early 2019.

    Ian Jeffrey, born on December 17, 2001, quickly became a prominent figure in modeling and social media, amassing a staggering following on platforms like Instagram. Making his mark in the fashion world, one of his most noteworthy achievements was being featured in the prestigious Paper Magazine. Beyond his impeccable talent for captivating audiences with his striking features, he's also known as James Charles' younger brother, adding to his allure within the social media sphere.

    • Age: 17
    • Birthplace: New York City, New York, United States of America
  • Leigh Cantwell
    Photo: @HRVY / Twitter

    Leigh Cantwell

    Before finding her way to Ian Jeffrey, Loren Gray had a brief but passionate relationship with Leigh Cantwell in mid-2016. The young lovebirds met at an event, where sparks flew instantly, leading to them becoming inseparable during the short-lived relationship. Their whirlwind romance lasted only a few months before they decided to part ways, citing personal differences as the primary reason for their split.

    Leigh Cantwell, a bonafide internet personality hailing from England, is best known for rising to fame on the once-popular social media platform Vine. He garnered a massive following on the app, entertaining users with his comedic skits and irresistibly charming demeanor. Following the discontinuation of Vine, Leigh smoothly transitioned to YouTube, where he continues to captivate fans with his unique brand of humor and alluring accent.

    • Age: 20
    • Birthplace: Kent, England
  • Juwany Roman
    Photo: @iamlorengray / Twitter

    Juwany Roman

    Loren Gray's love life took an interesting turn in 2016 when she started dating Juwany Roman, a fellow social media star. The couple reportedly met at a social media event, where they bonded over their shared interests and passion for creating content. However, their love story was short-lived as they decided to end their relationship after just a few months together, with each focusing on their respective careers.

    Juwany Roman, also known as Flamingeos, is a social media influencer who gained fame and notoriety through platforms such as YouNow and Musical.ly (now TikTok), where he frequently showcased his dancing and lip-syncing skills. With his Puerto-Rican heritage playing a significant role in shaping his content, his charismatic personality and unique style attracted millions of fans worldwide. Today, he remains active on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, expanding his repertoire and staying connected with his adoring fan base.

    • Age: 19
    • Birthplace: Puerto Rico
  • Joey Kisluk
    Photo: @iamlorengray / Twitter

    Joey Kisluk

    Loren Gray's love-filled journey began with her 2015 relationship with Joey Kisluk, her first public beau. The couple met on Musical.ly (known now as TikTok), where they developed a bond over their shared love for creating content and entertaining their respective audiences. Their relationship lasted for over a year, but ultimately, the pair decided to go their separate ways, citing the age-old reason of growing apart and wanting to focus entirely on their careers.

    Joey Kisluk, better known by his online pseudonym "Whynot_Joey," gained prominence through his content on Musical.ly (now TikTok) and YouNow. He managed to captivate his audience with his remarkable sense of humor, magnetic personality, and undeniable charm. Despite taking a step back from full-time social media influencing, Joey continues to engage with fans on Instagram and occasionally creates content on YouTube, remaining a well-recognized figure in the realm of internet personalities.

    • Age: 19