Unspeakable Times

13 Shocking Facts About Lori Arnold, America's OG Meth Queen

In a real-life Breaking Bad situation, Lori Arnold, the sibling of celebrity Tom Arnold, was making $800,000 a month manufacturing and selling crystal methamphetamine, AKA "ice." Arnold was moving so much product, it's likely that some of it wound up in the hands of crystal addicted celebrities. Lori was born in 1961, in the small town of Ottumwa, Iowa, one of seven step and half-siblings. Her home life wasn't great - her father had taken off with the next door neighbor, and her mother wound up marrying six different men. 

Arnold ended up dropping out of high school, only to end up in the underground trade. Her nickname was the "Queen of Meth," due to the large-scale drug operation she controlled throughout the 1980s. After two stints in prison, she has turned her life around, and her brother Tom now pokes fun at her throughout his stand-up comedy routines. While Lori Arnold might be mistaken for an average citizen, during her formative years she was America's OG hustler.