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13 Shocking Facts About Lori Arnold, America's OG Meth Queen

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In a real-life Breaking Bad situation, Lori Arnold, the sibling of celebrity Tom Arnold, was making $800,000 a month manufacturing and selling crystal methamphetamine, AKA "ice." Arnold was moving so much product, it's likely that some of it wound up in the hands of crystal addicted celebrities. Lori was born in 1961, in the small town of Ottumwa, Iowa, one of seven step and half-siblings. Her home life wasn't great - her father had taken off with the next door neighbor, and her mother wound up marrying six different men. 

Arnold ended up dropping out of high school, only to end up in the underground trade. Her nickname was the "Queen of Meth," due to the large-scale drug operation she controlled throughout the 1980s. After two stints in prison, she has turned her life around, and her brother Tom now pokes fun at her throughout his stand-up comedy routines. While Lori Arnold might be mistaken for an average citizen, during her formative years she was America's OG hustler. 

  • She Did So Much Ice, She Wouldn't Sleep For Days

    Lori Arnold not only sold "ice," but she was also a heavy user. Clearly, she didn't care much for the old adage, "Never get high on your own supply." At one point, she recalled staying up for days or weeks at a time, doing more of the drug just to keep moving.

    She admitted that this clouded her judgment, but she was as hooked on the money she was making as she was on the drug itself. However, her addiction led to her second stint in prison, years after she was first released from jail for similar charges. 

  • She Was Married To The President Of The Grim Reapers Motorcycle Club

    At age 18, Arnold met Floyd Stockdall, then President of the local chapter of the Grim Reapers Motorcycle Club. Shortly after they got married, Stockdall stepped down from his position with the club. However, Stockdall still had at least one foot in the underworld, as Arnold was introduced to "ice" through one of his friends.

    She began her infamous career by sitting in a bar, helping their mutual friend out by selling for him. Things snowballed from there. 

  • She Turned Her Ranch Into A Super-Lab

    At first, Arnold bought the drug from local sources. When they couldn't supply her with enough to keep her legion clients happy, she had to turn to a mass production lab, then located in California. Eventually, she cut out the middle man and began making the drug on her ranch in Iowa, turning it into a manufacturing "super-lab."

    She buried a trailer underground, covered the top of it with tents, and had a chemist make 10-pound batches at a time. At the height of her operation, her chemist was cranking out 10 pounds of the drug every two days or so. Just a single pound is worth anywhere between $7,000 and $14,500 in Iowa. 

  • She Made As Much As $1.2 Million A Month

    At the height of her time as an OG kingpin, Arnold was making outrageous amounts of money, reportedly, some $300,000 a week. She admitted to walking around with $100,000 in her purse and has said that she was making money so fast that she ran out of places to stash the cash.

    She apparently buried some and would hide stacks of money in the walls of her home. Her business was profoundly lucrative, but it was also very high risk.