16 Signs You're An L.A. Transplant

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For every newcomer to Los Angeles, there are definitely a few adjustments that take getting used to once you move to the City of Angels. Now, we know that Angelenos pride themselves on their fair city, but we do think it's worth pointing out how crazy of a metropolis it actually is. For instance, how many cities can you think of that use hiking as an excuse for photo opportunities? Or a place where flash flood and earthquake warnings are daily reminders of an impending natural disaster, even though there's hardly ever a cloud in the sky?

We've compiled a list of the biggest adjustments and awakenings that one has to go through when becoming a Los Angeles transplant. Though we can't guarantee that everyone's experience will be the same, we think that it's safe to say that this list accurately compiles what it's like to move to the big, bad city. From the realization that Hollywood Boulevard is little more than a safe haven for the crazies, to the fact that the traffic struggle is actually real, we hope that we prepare you a bit more for your transition to Los Angeles. And even if you're just visiting, we think you'll notice some of the adjustments that Los Angeles transplants have to deal with.
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    You're Still Under the Notion That Regular Rules of the Road Apply

    You're Still Under the Notion That Regular Rules of the Road Apply
    Photo: Spaynton / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0
    CHYEAHHH RIGHT SUCKAHHH! Yellow light means floor it, 25 mph zone means 50, and pulling out in front of four lanes of traffic and forcing everyone to stop so you can cross the street is mandatory. It's time to re-learn how to drive.
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    You Think That 5 Minutes is Enough Time to Find Parking

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    You Actually Believe That Hollywood Boulevard is Where Dreams Really Do Come True

    If your dream is getting hassled for money and watching crazies dressed like superheroes get arrested, you've come to the right place. 
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    You Believe Jay-Walking Ain't No Biggie

    WRONG. So very, very wrong...
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    You Still Believe Venice is a Place of Peace, Love, and Happiness

    Venice Beach=Aggro Homeless People on Roller Skates
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    You Don't Understand Why People Love Talking About How They Got Somewhere

    "OMG, I found this great new route to work. Instead of taking the 101, I take 6th street down to La Cienega and then I turn onto Olympic..."
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