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Hilarious "Lost A Bet" Tattoos That Will Never Go Away

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Losing a bet never feels enjoyable, and the losers in this series of photos went through both the pain of loss and that of receiving a lost bet tattoo. These folks overestimated their favorite football teams and their beer pong skills, and for their avarice shall forever sport funny tattoos. Here you'll observe hysterical, insane, WTF tattoos resulting from bets gone horribly wrong.

As it turns out, many of their friends weren't quite so friendly when it came time to cash in on the chance to forever ink their friends with hysterical monstrosities. So approach your bets wisely, without any promises of permanent ink; you truly won't understand the implications of a lost bet tattoo until it is too late.

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    A Tat With An Important Lesson Attached

    Photo: flickr / CC0

    Though the owner of this gem remains mercifully at large, the guy behind the ink posted this picture of his handy work on Reddit with an important moral attached: never lose a bet with a tattoo artist. Copy that.

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    This Guy And His Trump Stamp

    Photo: Zach Cobert / facebook.com

    America's Democrats may have felt the sting of Donald Trump's presidential election, but perhaps none quite so hard as Bernie supporter, Zach Cobert. Cobert bet a friend that if Trump somehow managed to win the office, he's have a tattoo of America's newest leader tattooed on his body.

    You can even watch the whole scene unfold via this facebook video.

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    This Guy Who Was Forced To Become A Belieber

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    Here we have the unfortunate loser of an Omaha Fantasy Football league in which the guy who comes in last ends up with a piece such as this monstrosity. Though everyone is clear on the bet at the beginning of the season, there's no telling what the winners will come up with as the loser's hideous new ink piece.

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    This Guy Who Boasts A Reluctant Buckeyes Tat

    Photo: flickr / CC0

    One Oregon fan, who prefers to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, got a little too ambitious when it comes to his beloved Ducks. After losing a bet that they'd win the first ever College Football Playoff Championship Game, he was forced to get a tat of his not so beloved Ohio Buckeyes' logo.

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