16 Friendships That Ended Because Of Something So Stupid It Barely Makes Any Sense

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Friends come and go, that's one of the most undeniable truths of life. Some friends are around for longer than others, but there are some friends who exit one's life because of something so dumb it hardly makes sense. We have collected some of the most personal stories from people who lost a friend over something that really shouldn't have been that much of an issue. 

  • 1. Their Friend's Wife Told The Friend To Stop Talking To Them

    From Redditor u/mjasfca:

    My best friend at the time didn't talk to me for 17 years because his wife told him not to. Then he came running back when they started the whole break-up/divorce thing. Then he remarried and I never hear from him. Says more about him than it does me or his wives.

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  • 2. They Didn't Tell Her She Was In The Wrong Test Room

    From Redditor u/Red_tiny_Panda:

    I didn't tell her that she had the wrong classroom in mind for an exam we took together.

    She talked about it the day before with a mutual friend and screamed at me shortly before the exam why I didn't tell her it was the wrong room. She insulted me and told me what a terrible friend I am and so on. She insisted she texted her question in our group chat but even after I proved that she did not but instead texted our mutual friend in private she did not stop. Even he told her it was his mistake but she kept insulting me.

    There were more instances but that one was my breaking point, I never called her my friend again. She never apologized or recognized her mistake.

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  • 3. They Lost All Their Friends Because They Stopped Going To A Specific Church

    From Redditor u/Moonacid-likes-bulbs:

    My parents wanted to leave a church because the pastor had some problems and the new church leaders were teaching some weird s**t. So when we left 90% of my friends' parents cut all contact with us even though they had known me from birth. It was a really shi**y thing for them to do. I kept my best friend though. And my parents were able to keep 3 of their closest friends. It really showed them who their real friends were.

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  • 4. They Really Liked A Girl A Girl Who Wasn't Interested

    From Redditor u/Bignasty197:

    My best friend since we were 7.

    He was infatuated with a girl who was not interested in him. He kept buying her things and taking her out to eat and to the movies, but she never reciprocated his feelings. I tried to talk with him about how she was using him for food and presents, but he would not listen to me. He got pissed and accused me of trying to sabotage him which led to a fracture in our friendship. The girl eventually moved to another city 4 hours away and, of course, he found a job and moved there too. We didn't keep in contact after that until 3 years later when I ran into him while he was in town visiting family. I learned that he still talked to that girl and essentially acted as a close family friend to her and her husband when they needed a babysitter for their 2 kids. Super fu**ing sad to lose 15 years of friendship over some weird sh*t. I don't understand it to this day.

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  • 5. They Assumed The Worst About A Parent And Their Children

    From Redditor u/BranWafr:

    I was friends with someone for almost a decade and she suddenly quit talking to me and ignoring me. After several weeks of this I confronted her and asked her what was up, why was she ignoring me.

    Turns out that the last time my kids had a sleepover at her house all their stuff smelled like cat pee and she decided that it meant that I let them live in filth. She decided that I was [a bad] father and she could no longer be friends with me.

    The reality was that my kids were so excited for the sleepover they packed their bag the night before and put it in the living room so we could grab everything on the way out the next morning. The bag was not fully closed and at some point in the night, our cat climbed in the bag and peed on their stuff. We did not realize it because we just grabbed the bag on the way out and threw it in the trunk. But, instead of calling us when she opened their bag that night so we could bring them clean clothes, or even telling us when we picked them up the next morning, she just decided I was a horrible person and never spoke to me again. (Except to tell me why when I confronted her about ignoring me for weeks)

    The biggest reason this whole thing was so stupid is that she had just been complaining to me 2 weeks prior about how their cat had recently been peeing on their fresh laundry and they didn't know why. And that she would go to grab something and discover it smelled like pee. It never occurred to her that someone else's cat could randomly pee on something and they might not notice it right away. She just decided that I knew my kid's stuff smelled like cat pee and just didn't care. Despite the fact that she had been in my house many, many times and nothing had ever smelled like cat pee. it was all just bizarre.

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  • 6. They Creeped A Little Too Hard

    From Redditor u/jeansanity:

    I don't know if this silly reason or not. But, I recently decided to cut off a friend because he scared the sh*t out of me.

    We only became friends last year in August, and he boldly told me that he knows everything about me because he stalked all of my social media accounts. He even told me that he knows I had a vacation in a different country back in 2013 and that I traveled a lot in 2018. Those were hundreds of photos ago in my social media account. He even knew my mom's name because he stalked her social media account too.

    That creeped the f**k out of me. I confronted him about it, and he thought that it was a funny joke. Boy, that wasn't. He scared me at a level I didn't experience before.

    He keeps on apologizing about what he did and hopes that he could still be friends with me, but I don't want to anymore.

    Remembering what he did still scares me. A lot.

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