Hikers Who Got Lost Only a Few Miles from Civilization

Nature is a scary place. There are wolves, snow, trees with agendas, and swamps that will swallow a man whole - all lying just outside of the concrete enclaves that us nerdlinger-types call home. Some people get a kick out of shirking their laptops and traipsing through the wilderness like so many Crocodile Dundees, and half of those people end up getting air-lifted out of their forest nightmare after taking a wrong turn off a hiking trail.

Some of the lost hikers collected here were experienced outdoorsy types who simply made a wrong move; others probably had no business going in the first place. Either way, it's enough to make anyone stay inside binge-watching Netflix for the rest of their lives. Put on your sunscreen and charge your cell phone while you read about these people who got lost hiking only a few miles from civilization.

There’s no denying the raw majesty of the world’s forests, mountains, oceans, and whatever else is out there. But these stories of experienced hikers who managed to get themselves lost within a stone’s throw of a metro station are hopefully enough to keep you inside for the rest of your life, enjoying the preternatural grace of a hilltop from the safety of your Instagram feed. If you just have to go outside and sleep in the dirt, make sure you read about these hikers that got lost frustratingly close to civilization first.

Which one of these stories of man vs. nature freaked you out the most? Have you lived through a more harrowing tale of forest disorientation? Have you ever had to eat bark to survive? If so, tell us in the comments.