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The Holy Grails of Lost Media

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Even though you can find a lot on the World Wide Web, you still can't find everything. There exists a genre of videos and recordings known only as Lost Media - videos deemed too inappropriate or too disturbing for the public eye. Though many have tried to seek out the Lost Media listed below, they've proven too difficult to track down. Check out this list of the most disturbing Lost Media of all time, but be warned - a lot of these are highly NSFW. 

**WARNING: Many of these videos contain disturbing content.**
  • Hollywood's First Vampire Movie
    Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Fair use

    Widely considered the first vampire movie, London After Midnight was a silent mystery film from 1927 written and directed by the controversial director Tod Browning, who also directed Freaks. The film was destroyed in the 1967 MGM vault fire, and has now earned a reputation as one of the most sought-after lost films of all time.

    In 2002, a 45-minute reconstructed version of the film was released using still photographs from the film. It's the closest thing we will ever have to a completed version. 

    Interestingly, in 1928, a murdered tried to blame London After Midnight for his crime, claiming that the movie had driven him temporarily insane, but his defense failed.
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    The Columbine Killers' Basement Tapes

    The Columbine shooting still stands as one of the nation's darkest tragedies. After the horrific shooting, a Time magazine reporter was given access to five videotapes that the killers recorded beforehand. In the tapes, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold outlined their motives and recited their kill list.

    The family members were furious over the possible release of these videos, and everyone agreed that they would be shown to the families, and then stored away indefinitely. Since that time, two of the recordings have been released: one with the killers at a shooting range; and the other, a short film the two made a few months beforehand titled Hitman for Hire. To see the film, check out this link.
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    The Armin Meiwes Cannibalism Tape

    The Armin Meiwes Cannibalism Tape
    Photo: Newtown grafitti / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    It was a match made in heaven. Back in 2001, Armin Meiwes and Bernd Brandes met up to indulge in an extremely gruesome fetish. Meiwes wanted to eat a person and Brandes wanted someone to eat him. In a completely consensual arrangement, Meiwes first chopped off Brandes's penis and tried to eat it raw, but it was too chewy. He then tried to cook it, but it ended up burning, so he fed it to his dog. After that ordeal, Meiwes killed Brandes, hung the body, and slowly started to dismantle it.

    Meiwes recorded the entire thing on a video camera. When Meiwes was arrested, the video was shown to the jury and a few of them needed therapy afterwards. The video is, of course, not publicly available, though supposedly there are some screenshots that have leaked online (like this one, but warning: this image is extremely graphic and NSFW).

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    Grizzly Man Death Audio Tape

    Grizzly Man Death Audio Tape
    Photo: Leonemoff / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Back in 2003, bear enthusiast Timothy "Grizzly Man" Treadwell and his girlfriend Amie Huguenard were killed and partially eaten by a grizzly bear in Katmai National Park. Right now, there's a six-minute recording that was taken by Huguenard that captures a period of time both before and after the attack. No video exists because the lens cap was on, but the audio is more than clear enough to get a sense of what happened.

    The video was given to Jewel Palovak, Treadwell's ex-girlfriend, and she claims she never has listened to it and never will.  Around 2008, an audio clip from the video was supposedly leaked, but it has long been confirmed fake. 
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