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The Holy Grails of Lost Media

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Even though you can find a lot on the World Wide Web, you still can't find everything. There exists a genre of videos and recordings known only as Lost Media - videos deemed too inappropriate or too disturbing for the public eye. Though many have tried to seek out the Lost Media listed below, they've proven too difficult to track down. Check out this list of the most disturbing Lost Media of all time, but be warned - a lot of these are highly NSFW. 

**WARNING: Many of these videos contain disturbing content.**
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    The Swell Season Onstage Suicide

    The Swell Season Onstage Suicide
    Photo: suzieqzi / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0
    In 2010, the band The Swell Season was holding a concert at The Mountain Winery in Saratoga, California, when tragedy struck. A man by the name of Michael Edward Pickels left his seat, climbed about 30 feet above the stage, and then jumped to his death after the band finished their song "Your Mind's Made Up." He landed just a few feet away from singer Glen Hansard. There are multiple videos of the incident both before and after Pickels jumped, but no piece of media has been found actually showing Pickels falling. With all the video footage around the event, it's widely assumed actual footage of his death exists, but just hasn't been released yet. 
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    The Bjork Stalker Tapes

    The Bjork Stalker Tapes
    Photo: basic_sounds / flickr / CC-BY 2.0
    Ricardo Lopez became known to the media as the Bjork Stalker when on his 21st birthday he started recording himself stating his love for the Icelandic singer Bjork. From January to September in 1996, he recorded close to 18 hours of footage of himself, documenting his descent into madness. It ended with a video of his suicide, which can be found online and is extremely disturbing. Parts of the 18 hours of footage remain lost, but most can be found online.
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    Led Zeppelin's Mudshark Incident

    The incident in question occurred in July 1969 in Seattle, Washington, at the Edgewater Inn. While on tour, Led Zeppelin and lesser-known band Vanilla Fudge were partying when supposedly they caught a giant fish while fishing from out of their hotel window. Some have said it was a shark, while others insist it was a red snapper. As the story goes, supposedly there is a video of one of the band's groupies having extreme sexual relations with the fish.

    The existence of this video has never been confirmed, but also has never been denied. Right now, it's rumored that Vanilla Fudge's road manager is currently in possession of the tape.
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    Marilyn Manson Groupie Video

    Marilyn Manson Groupie Video
    Photo: Jason H. Smith / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    Groupie is a 1996 short film created by the always-freaky Marilyn Manson. Most of the film is still lost. The background of the film had Manson throw a house party where he informed his guests that a woman would soon be arriving and he would be filming her. The film begins with Manson sucking a man's flaccid penis through a condom and only gets more perverse from there, including making the woman drink urine.

    Not much else is known of the film, and only three people have ever been known to have seen it. One segment that has been released includes the woman tied to a chair and repeating the phrase "Jesus loves me because the Bible tells me so." Who knows if Manson will ever release the film in its entirety? 
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