Fans Reveal Their Hottest Takes About The 'Lord of the Rings' Movies

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The Lord of the Rings films are almost universally beloved by moviegoers but that doesn't mean they're perfect. These fans are revealing their hottest takes about LOTR and The Hobbit trilogies that might make you think about them differently.

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    The Movies Don't Do The Books Justice Despite Being Great

    From Redditor u/hammyFbaby:

    The films are some of the best motion pictures ever, but it still doesn’t do the book justice. That should show you how amazing and beautiful the books are.

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    The Movies Changed Faramir For The Better

    From Redditor u/RobinEspersen:

    The changes made to Faramir's character in the movies were good ones that made sense. The way he was portrayed in the book completely negated the power of the Ring.

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    'Return of the King' Is The Worst Movie In The Trilogy

    From Redditor u/Samuel_L_Johnson:

    Return of the King is by far the worst of the three LOTR films.

    Peter Jackson misunderstands the Army of the Dead and how they work. The result is the unstoppable green wave in the films, which severely takes away from the drama and spectacle at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields and creates plot holes that didn’t exist in the book.

    Denethor being reduced to an insane idiot makes the whole Gondor subplot far less interesting.

    Gollum is already beyond redemption and sympathy by this point in the movies, so all the drama in Frodo’s story comes from the manufactured feud with Sam. Frodo is made to look like a gullible idiot, doubly so in the extended edition (‘Sméagol promised!’ ‘Sméagol lied’) whereas in the books he is eventually right about Gollum.


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    Cutting Tom Bombadil Is The Best Part Of 'Fellowship of the Ring'

    From Redditor u/Purple-Lawyer-94:

    The best part of Fellowship, the movie, was cutting Tom Bomba-dull.

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    The Cartoon Smaug Was Better Than The Live Action One

    From a deleted Redditor:

    I like the 1977 cartoon version of Smaug better than the Peter Jackson one.

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    Eowyn Was Very Miscast

    From Redditor u/bubiemoms:

    Eowyn was HORRIBLY cast in the Peter Jackson films. Just awful.