'Lord of the Rings' Fans Reveal Interesting Theories About The Wizards

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The Wizards of Middle-earth are some of – if not THE – most powerful beings to walk the world. Gandalf and Saruman are well recognized but there were five total Wizards doing their thing and even the more well-known ones are shrouded in a lot of mystery. These fans decided to fix that by coming up with a number of fan theories about the Istari.

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    Saruman Was Influenced By Sauron Through The Palantir

    From Redditor u/zrkrehbiel:

    If you go through the entire LOTR, you find out that Saruman and Denethor are both in possession of a palantír. It is also highly suggested that Sauron is in possession of one as well since Saruman communicates with him using his own. Doesn't it seem a bit ironic that both of them end up losing hope in the Ring War? Once Sauron realized the head Wizard sent to Middle-earth and the Steward of Gondor were carelessly using a palantír to get a foothold over Mordor, he immediately used that to his advantage by subtly injecting hints of the doom that was to come into what they saw to slowly destroy their faith until they lost hope.

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    Smeagol Was Part Of Gandalf's Plans From The Beginning

    From Redditor u/LemonMuffins:

    After Frodo and Sam have destroyed the Ring and lay on a rock as if it is to be the end of them, three eagles swoop down, one with Gandalf riding one but the other two empty. Gandalf's eagle collects Frodo, the second eagle collects Sam but the third eagle leaves empty-handed. Smeagol must have been part of Gandalf's plan as in Gondor when he says he has lost sight of them it would only mean he would need two eagles to rescue Sam and Frodo. I believe Smeagol was Gandalf's back up plan to guiding Frodo and Sam to Mordor as he truly knows the way and as a Hobbit they may have been able to make Smeagol defeat the inner side of him who is all of his evil - Gollum. At the start of the LOTR saga when they are in the mines of Moria the alarm is raised that they are being followed, Gandalf is told of this and acts calmly as he seems to know all there is about Smeagol and that he has been tracking them. 

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    The Blue Wizards Fought Their Own Battles To Keep The East Safe From Sauron

    From Redditor u/ohmytit:

    I know I've already posted this somewhere on this subreddit, but something that really fascinates me is the story of the two Blue Wizards in the East of Middle-earth. I've recently wondered what exactly their tales concerned, ie. did they work together or separately and were they integral to the stability of any of the free societies (like how Gandalf is sort of an icon to the men of Gondor as Mithrandir), as well as more mundane features like the realms they encountered and whether or not the cities in the East bore any resemblance to those in the West, due to their descent from the Kingdom of Numenor (if they even traveled so far). Obviously, the campaign against Sauron in the East was just as successful as the one in the West, according to Tolkien, otherwise Sauron would have been too powerful to overcome in the War of the Ring.

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    Saruman Was Weakened Because His Ring Of Power Stopped Working

    From Redditor u/aknightfluttershy:

    A little-known fact is that Saruman actually did make his own magic Ring, one that he managed to ‘Gerry rig’ using Sauron’s Ring Craft abilities that he acquired from Mordor.

    It seems likely this Ring would have increased Saruman’s natural abilities. This explains why he was so very persuasive to the Men of Rohan and even convinced Treebeard to let him out: his Ring was responsible. However, all Rings devised by Sauron’s craft were tied to the One, even the Elven Rings which Sauron never touched. So once the One was destroyed, Saruman’s Ring would lose its magic.

    The thing is that, in Tolkien, when you create a magic object you have to sacrifice a great deal of your own power: it’s why Feanor could never make any more Silmarils, and why Sauron was so weak without the Ring. So Saruman sacrificed all his power to make the Ring and when that failed, Saruman has no spare power left. It’s why he becomes a homeless beggar, why he lost all his persuasion powers- he literally lost everything, which is what causes him to die so easily (remember it took a BALROG to finish off Gandalf, yet Saruman is taken out by a simple knife).

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    Gandalf Brought Other Hobbits With The Fellowship As Insurance In Case Frodo Died

    From Redditor u/kwonza:

    Think about it: you are sending a task force of dire-hard fighters on an almost suicidal mission into the heart of the enemy's territory. Then some hapless teenagers (and despite their age that's what Hobbits mostly were) claim they would like to tag along. Of course you would bring them to their senses and send them home, unless...

    Out of the couple of facts we know about Hobbits are: they are rather silent, they have hairy legs, they have unusual resistance to the powers of the Ring. It was stated a few time that the Ring corrupts the f*ck out of its bearer. Hell, the Wizard didn't even trusted himself with the d*mn artifact. So what would happen if somewhere in the middle of the road Frodo catches an arrow and is no more? The whole operation on which the fate of the world depends in jeopardized.

    Solutions? Have a spare Ring-barer. Maybe two, four won't hurt either. Sure, the Gray loves the Hobbits, but it's better to sacrifice four so that thousands may live.

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    Radagast Appeared To Aragorn, Gimli, And Legolas In Fangorn Forest

    From Redditor u/Joytex:

    I've read LOTR more times than I can remember but only recently heard the theory that the figure Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas encounter in the night near Fangorn forest could be Radagast (or maybe his spirit moving west after 'death' at the hands of Saruman).

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